The Best URL Shorteners That Actually Pay Money

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are you looking for URL Shorteners.

which pay you some amount of money

by doing negligible amount of work.

Then you are in the right place,

I will try to provide you best URL Shorteners which is having highest CPM.

In this article, I try to clear all your doubts about URL Shorteners and try to show you some of the URL Shorteners, Which actually provides you money.

Many of the people don’t know about the term URL Shorteners earning.

If you are also one of them who don’t know about the term Url Shortener.

Don’t worry

I will tell you about URL Shorteners

In the current scenario, Many people earning the right amount of money receiving from Url Shorteners.

In this Article what will you learn?

—–> what and why to use Link Shorteners?
—–> How paid shorteners work?
—–> How to shorten links and earn money from them?
—–> Which is the best shortener for you?
—–> how much money would you get from them?

So Let me start,

What is Url Shortener?

According to me the term “URL Shorteners” clarify itself.

Url shorteners are the tool that is used to convert your long URL in a short and simple URL.

Let me provide you an example

long URL which points towards the Amazon store-

and here is its short version of its.

So when User click on Short URL then he will redirected to long URL.

which is mainly used in several social media sites but mainly in Twitter.

Using a link shortener is a straightforward thing. That user has to paste the only link of the long URL and just have to click to shorten it, then you will get your shorten link.

To earn money from the URL Shortener website, you have to create an account; after that, short the URL that you want to short and then share it to any place where User can click on that.

Whenever anybody clicks on that, you will earn some amount of money.

The earning rate depends upon country visitors.

If you have visitors from Tier 1counries such as the US, UK, Australia, etc. then you can earn a high amount of money.

If you have users from Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries such as India, China, Pakistan, then you will earn a low amount of money as compared to the US, UK, and Canada.

Advantages of using URL shorteners

Save space and “beautify” links – Short links look better as compare to long URL and are more user friendly that Everybody can easily understand it.

In some of the Social media platform like writing text messages or Twitter posting, it became quite necessary to keep your links short of leaving some space for a message (as you may know probably a tweet is about 140 characters long)

Tracking & statistics. Nowadays, every URL Shorteners provide you statistics regarding clicks, impressions, and a range of other Trackable data.

Hide a target URL. When anybody sees a shortened URL, They don’t know where they will land after they click it. So, some people use this strategy to gain some traffic to his account.

Making money. One of the Biggest Reasons that you should use URL Shorteners is that You can earn some amount of cash whenever any user clicks on your shorten Link.

No need to have Blog or Youtube channel – The advantageous thing of these URL shortener websites is that you don’t need any youtube channel or blog to promote your shortened links.

You can share these Urls shorten Link in any WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups and on other social media sites.

The question may arise in your mind that,

Why these Url Shorteners are giving money to you with several features.

If you are thinking

How These URL Shortener Earn Money then,

I am feeling happy to provide you complete information regarding this

How These URL Shortener Websites Earn Money?

Whenever any User visit your website using that Shortened URl

Then He/She will not be sent directly to your Long Url. Between the destination page means Long URL. Between them, these websites appear a new page which is having tons of ads.

The user has to watch these advertisements for 5 to 10 seconds. After that, he will be redirected to its main page.

These URL Shorteners earn money by showing these types of Advertisement between the shortened URL and the main URL.

And finally, whatever URL Shorteners earn They divide, the money into the owner and the member who has signed up there.

I am damn sure that you quickly grabbed the concept of URL Shorteners.


let me tell you the best URL shortener website that is available in the current market


These are the Trustable and best websites which really gives money.

1. : Earn money by URL Shorteners is one of the Latest link shortener website having a decent amount of payout rates.

It is a company whose main headquarter is located in the United Kingdom. offers you to earn some bucks by shortening the Link

zagl url shortener

Earning money through can be done by Fingertips. What all you have to do to make money is to short a URL and share it anywhere online (friends, families, Etc.)

If any of visitor visits the website from your shortened Url which you provide him.then, you will earn some amount of money from the shorten URL, and you will get some amount of money in your dashboard. provides some of the interesting and useful features to its publishers

  • provides a low amount of withdrawal
  • Several types of payment methods are available like Paypal, BTC, etc.
  • Frequent customer support
  • A high and good amount of referral commission
  • instant payment system within 24 hours.

How Much Does Za.Gl Pay You?

Currently, offers very attractive and decent payout rates to all its publishers, if you work hard then you can easily earn up to $100 for 10000 visits.

Its minimum withdrawal limit is only $2. If you use PayPal as your payment option to withdraw your earnings, if you use Bitcoin, then the minimum withdrawal amount will be 5 Dollar. pays all its users on regular basis.

Whenever you request for a withdrawal from, within 3 or 4 working days you will receive the payments in your bank account.

I like because it offers very high referral commission to all its publishers.

Currently, Zagl provides a 50% referral commission, which is too high compared to all other URL shorteners. Payment Informations:

  • Currently, offers up to $100 for 10000 visits.
  • Its minimum withdrawal limit is only $2
  • It uses 2 payment methods including PayPal and Bitcoin
  • pays all its users daily.

2. GpLinks URL Shortener

GP links are the very much popular URL shortener sites in India as well as worldwide.

If your URL is long and you are facing the problem during the sharing of this long URL, which is having the best payout system available right now in the current market.

You can shorten your URL using GP links and can earn more than any other URL shortener.

It is completely free tools that can be used to shorten your URL.

by sharing your URL in your social media accounts or your friends you can earn money as well.

If anyone goes through using this shorten link, which is created by you and clicks on it, you earn money from the GP links website.

it is giving 3$ for Indian traffic and in tier 1 countries more than tier 2 countries.

Visit GP Link from here.

Presently GP link is having several Tool which is very much helpful for publisher.

The publisher will get access to the following tools in GP Link : –

  • Quick Link
  • Mass Shrinker
  • Full Page Script
  • Developers API
  • Bookmarklet

GPlink Payment

Instant Payment within 1.-15 minutes.

Minimum withdrawal only: $5 – for ( Paytm, UPI, Google Pay, bitcoin, Phone-pe, Paypal, etc.)

3. Shorte.St URL Shortener url shortener

In the current market, you will find several websites that are claiming that they are providing the best ads and they are best.

But trust me you can agree the fact that most of them are fraud.

To attract new visitors they show very high payout rates and then you started work on these sites.

But when it comes time to a payment that you have earned. You will not receive anything.

It doesn’t matter whether their payout rate is little less than other.

The thing that would you get money or not.

in this fact Short.est is the best URL which is providing payout.

It is the best Trust able site. having a minimum withdrawal limit of $5 for PayPal and WebMoney, whereas it can be the withdrawal limit at $20 for Payoneer wallet.

You can withdraw your earnings on the 10th date of every month automatically. Only when your payment threshold is reached for payment method which you enabled.

4. Adf.LY

If you’re looking for a trustworthy URL shortening company, then your best option is Adf.LY.

It is one of the oldest paying URLs Shortener on the entire web right now.

Adf.LY is also more reliable than it appears.

Adf.LY offers the payout rate of $22 for every 1000 unique visits from the US.

You can make a lot of money with Adf.LY if you can attract traffic from the United States, so try to get traffic from the united state or Other Tier 1 countries include UK, Germany, etc.

the earning may be low to tier 2 countries.

Automatic withdrawal is set on the 10th of each month on the Adf.LY platform for each publisher, having a minimum threshold of $5 for PayPal and $20 for Payoneer. stats

  • No. of Registered users: 5,373,907
  • Total URLs clicked: 1,413,375 daily clicks
  • Highest CPM: $22.18 for unique visits from the US
  • Worldwide CPM: $0.25 — $2.00

Earnload – GP 2.0

Earnload is the Indian based URL Shortener company that is created by GP

It has the right amount of payout rates as compare to short.est and and having the same payment method as this website, which is monthly.

It is one of the best-trusted URL shortener company which is giving the right amount of money and providing all the features for the user.

The tools which Earnload are providing are

But the customer support of this is also available in Hindi as well as the English language. And the payment is monthly based, but this website is getting trust from a long time it is paying money.

Every 1 date of each month it pays money automatically. if your threshold is reached.

Its minimum payout is 5$, which is good, and due to high CPM in tier 2 countries, it is incredible.

FAQ’S ( frequent answerable question)

Still, if you have doubts, you can comment, but I took various widespread doubts which may solve your problem.

Q1. How can I make money by shortening URLs?

I had already shown you the URL shortener sites available in the market from that you can earn a decent amount of money.

Q2. Can I earn money from Bitly type websites?

Bitly is a simple URL shortener site without any ads between the short link and Long link. It will not provide you money, but you have to give money to Bitly to get a premium subscription.

Q3. How do I earn money from links after creating account?

It is a straightforward process. You create a short URL from your link shortener and share it on different platforms like social media, your friends. When a user clicks on that, they will see an ad, and in return for that, you will earn some dollars.

Q4. which is the highest paying url Shortener websites avilable in currennt market?

Above in this post, I have listed the top 5 websites. Which is giving quite a fantastic amount of money. For any payment proof, you can visit youtube.

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