How To Start A Blog In 2020 From Scratch (Step By Step Guide)

Are you looking How can you start a Blog?

If you have decided that you should start a blog in 2020.

Then, you are in the right place.

Then, believe that it will be the best decision of your life. That can change your whole life.

“Successful Blogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.”

David Aston

David Aston

Yes, You heard right that it is a way to make fame in online world.

If you are passionate about Blogging, then you can consider Blogging as a business,
then, for sure,

you can live a life which you want after giving some time to Blogging.

If you do not believe in me. let me provide you with some proofs

Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal is one of the famous bloggers in India, and he is the first Indian Professional Blogger.

He and his success inspired many famous bloggers.

Amit is the owner behind the popular website Digital Inspiration ( and

  • Blogger’s Name: Amit Agrawal
  • Address: New Delhi, India.
  • Monthly Earning: $60,000 (approx)
  • Age: 40 years.
  • Blog/Website: / CTRLQ.ORG
  • Alexa Global rank:
  • 14,975
  • CTRLQ.ORG: 36,040
  • Rank in India:
  • 2,313
  • CTRLQ.ORG: 8,385

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is a famous name in the online blogging field. He is known for his renowned blog, ShoutMeLoud.

He had started his blogging journey in 2008 when he introduced his Blog Shout Me Loud.

Harsh and his team write about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, and web hosting.

The primary source of income for Harsh Agrawal is affiliate programs, primarily web hosting affiliate programs like Bluehost, HostGator, A2 Hosting, Siteground, etc.. that will mainly provide them with affiliate commissions.

  • Blogger Name: Harsh Agrawal
  • Location: New Delhi, India.
  • Monthly Earning: $52,434 (July 2017).
  • Age: 32 years.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 23,650
  • Rank in India: 1,972

Now, I am sure that you got a bright idea of how much you can earn from Blogging.

So, According to my

you are Excited??

So Let’s Start that how will you earn money from a blog or how can you start Blogging.

Step 1: Choose A Niche or Topic For Your Blog

choose a niche for your blog

This is the most necessary step which you must take to starting a blog.

The term ‘niche’ is used in blogging in the place of ‘Topic’ In Blogging.

Simply you can say Niche equivalent to the topic in your Blog, which is mostly used in your Blogs. For example, the slot which I choose is Blogging, but there can be several types of Niche.

Such as fashion, Earn money online, top 10 topics, food, cooking, etc.

The question can be raised in your mind How to choose a Niche? For yourself.

To become a successful blogger or digital Marketer, you Should choose a profitable niche that can provide you an enormous amount of profit.

So try to choose the one Niche, with which you are comfortable and having a good knowledge regarding that topic.

So, you can provide quality content to your readers. So choose a niche you have excellent knowledge.

By choosing the Niche of your interest gives you the passion for writing consistently, so sure to choose Niche by your interest.

Steps to follow to find your Niche

Following are the steps you must try to find your exciting Niche.
Create a list of your interests, hobbies, etc.

  • Try to Find out the Niche which you liked the most from the list.
  • Try to find out how would you create cash from that topic and write that content.
  • Check affiliates, Google Adsense, and other sources of money to generate some money.
  • And then you are ready to create your successful Blog.

If you want the detailed steps, how would you start blogging?

Then visit this.

Now, let’s move to part to choose the domain name of How to start a blog.

Step 2: Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog

domain name for your blog

A domain name is one of the necessary factors to make a good impression in front of your readers.

So, before trying a random domain name then try to research about the Domain and try to get domain-relevant your Niche.

Don’t even try to take Domain with lack of research

If you want to know about a domain that what is Domain or how can I choose Domain then read the below paragraph.

Then, I would be happy to tell you some tips regarding finding a good Domain Name because your Domain will represent your brand, so try to choose a domain relevant to the Niche.

What is Domain Name or URL?

The domain name/URL is the name of the website which was written by the user in his search bar, or the domain name is the identity that is used by search engines to find yourself or to find your keyword.

Let me provide you with some basic information regarding Domain.

Url details


HTTPS:// –it is the internet protocol or the rules which are created by the internet.

www— Subdomain or the web which is used to connect every computer to the internet.

Blogging tip— Domain name which will be my identity in front of google and its users

.net, .com — These are the extension which is provided by the internet.


the most important tips and ways you need to follow before choosing any domain name for your Blog.

  • Use Keywords
use your main keyword

Try to use your Superior keyword in your domain name such as My keyboard is Blogging, which is relevant to my Domain.

 It will help your reader to understand the Niche or topic of your site and. Also, it will help in Search Engine optimization.

Pick a top-level Domain extension.

  • Always try to use a top-level domain extension (.com,.in) for your Blog 
use top level domain

because top-level Domain is used by your visitors when they enter the name of your website, and it is also used to SEO.

  • Don’t Use Numeric values
don't use numeric values

Don’t try to numeric values use in your domain name; it will affect your branding as well as the professionalism of your website, and it is also affecting your visit to remember your domain name.

  • Keep your domain name short and simple to make it able to remember.

Try to make your domain name simple and short so that everybody can easily remember and can be grabbed by the human mind.

  • Act Fast while purchasing Domain

Act fast means if you got a perfect domain for your Niche. Then, don’t delay in buying. Buying it as soon as possible because, in the current scenario, domain names are selling very fast. In the future, there may be very much less quality domain available.

  • Research It

Try to examine your Niche and then try that the main keyword which you are targeting is available in the Domain and by this, you can help search engines as well as your visitors to find you. And Don’t Forget that it will become your Trademark so kindly take deep research on it.

Follow the given tips to make the decision before purchasing a good domain name.

Now, you think that how can you buy a domain name then you can buy a domain name from many websites such as,, etc.

If you want the full steps to how can you buy then click here. But when you buy hosting, then the hosting company automatically provides you free Domain. So 

there is no need to buy Domain externally.

Let’s move on to the next part How to start a blog in 2020.

Step 3: Take A Good Hosting For Your Blog

Hosting is a service which is used by the owner of the website to get storage inside it.

In other words, Hosting is storage where all your images, posts, and files are stored.

Let me provide you with some examples related to it.

Let a house is a website then its plot work as a hosting.

So, choosing the right hosting provider Is an important concern, and that’s why I recommend highly to use Bluehost or siteground

BlueHost is a platform that was established and working since 2003 and providing quality hosting.

Also, it is very easy to buy hosting from a Blue host which can be done by simple steps.

What others are saying about Bluehost

Syed balkhi owner of wpbeginner WP Beginner They are an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider which is Bluehost. With Bluehost, you never have to worry about your website being slow even when there is a lot of traffic. Their 24/7 expert support is always there to help when you need it by phone, email, or live chat. They are rated #1 in web hosting for small businesses.

Brad Smith owner of hosting facts Bluehost has ranked at or near the top for both uptime and loading times for more than a year. They offer strong security support, a money-back guarantee, and plenty of user-friendly apps, all for one of the lowest rates in the industry.

Before buying WordPress with Bluehost hosting, 

you need to know that it is not free. But for starting any website, you need to invest some penny of money.

But after it, you will not face any issue regarding speed as well as upgrade.

Bluehost Requires some money before activating its Hosting, but it is available with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Even every various pro blogger recommends Bluehost as the best Hosting for beginners.

BlueHost Plans And Pricing

There are mainly three hosting plans that are available right now in my country but plans can be different for the country to country. You can take anyone according to your need. If you have a low amount of money, then you can buy any other else.

You can upgrade your plan later according to your needs in the future.,
But I must recommend selecting “Pro Plan.” for you It provides domain privacy for free means to provide you SSL certificate, 

and it performs overall well and has the capability to handle a good amount of traffic.

So for creating your account in Bluehost

Some steps you must follow.

Step 1: First, you have to visit the Bluehost website from this Link to grab a special discount.

Step 2: Here, you have to find get started option and click on it.

Step 3: you can see the list of packages appears such a select plan which you want to use. But I recommend the choice plan, which may vary country wise.

Step 4: you can see the popup appears for Domain.

Step 5: You have to put your preferred Domain name ( Learnindiafree ) such as mine is a blogging tip in the “Create a new domain” section.

Your Domain will set by .com but if you want another such as .net, .in, etc. then you can select.

for example my domain name is Bloggingtip then it will set like bloggingtip .net, .in , .com etc.

But if you wanted to add other extensions (like .net, .org) instead of .com. which I had done You can do it by clicking on the extensions from the right side of the domain box by this you can do it.

But .com is the most preferred domain extension. Because it is globally used very much.

Step 5: After you are done with creating a new domain, Hit next.

Step 6: Setup Your Account: Sign in with Google or create an account using your personal and correct details, put your all required information and scroll down.

Choose a plan which you want to use then choose for how many years you want to use the plan, for example, 1,2 or 3 years.

Bluehost does not provide monthly hosting plans, but they provide yearly, which is good as compared to monthly—and having a low price.

IMPORTANT NOTE which you must read
“Low pricing is applied only to new customers. For example, if you select the 12-month annual Plan, it would cost you around $13.95 per month for a year which is having a huge price difference compare to Year plan. But after the ending of your Plan, you have to pay more money. so I recommend selecting the higher plans. If your money allows you.”

Then in the case of “Package Extras “

Step 7: Skip The package Extras without the domain privacy protection( tick on the domain privacy if not selected and be ready ). Because it will provide useless stuff for newbies or beginners.

For Choice Plus, Pro Hosting plans, Domain privacy protection is completely free means they provide a Free SSL certificate.

Domain privacy protection keeps your contacts and domain information private and secure. So, configure the Domain Privacy Protection to safeguard your hosting as well as domain data.

Then complete your hosting Buying process by putting Payment information as shown as a picture.

Step 8: Now, you have to pay some amount of money for your Hosting. Enter your Credit/Debit details.

Tick their “Terms and Condition” Checkbox and Press Submit button; you will be redirected to create a password.

Create a strong and rememberable password. This password is the login password to your Bluehost account.

You will get your Cpanel and Bluehost account details by Email. if you forget.

How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost: step-by-step guide and tutorial

Then log in to Bluehost: use the password you just created or sign in with google. By visiting the blue host login page.

Congratulation! You have successfully purchased a hosting as well as Domain for you. You have crossed the biggest hurdle on your way to start your Blog.
In a world almost 90 percent of your website
Now it’s time to create your Blog.

Step 4:
Set Up Your WordPress Blog

nowadays Bluehost installs WordPress automatically on your account when you complete the signup process.

To install WordPress in your blue host account is not a tough work; it is as simple as installing Whatsapp in your android phone.

If you think that why should you install WordPress on your Blog. then visit this page

There are some steps which you must follow to install WordPress in your Bluehost account


once you complete your payment, you’ll see a welcome message in front of your page.

How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost

To get started with your WordPress blog,

click on the bright green button that says “Create your password”.

On the next page you need to set your password for your Bluehost hosting account:

How to setup a WordPress blog on Bluehost

Choosing a WordPress theme for your Blog. You can change this theme any time whenever you want.

Tutorial: how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost

Log in to your new Bluehost account. Which you had created.

At home page you can see your website in your Bluehost dashboard.

Here you can get details of your blog and having an option To Login in WordPress account.

How To Login To WordPress Backend:

In order to open your website from WordPress, Directly.

Directly means, you are not always willing to login from your Bluehost account.

To login To any WordPress Back-end, you have to put /wp-admin after your domain address.


For example,

your website is so, you have to type every time, you will be sent it to the Login page of your WordPress if your account.


Then enter your email address or username and password to get access to your back-end.

Below is a screenshot of how your WordPress backend will look.wordpress-dashboard

The left-side column is the indicator that indicates you that you are on your WordPress Dashboard.

Congratulation you have successfully log in your WordPress account.

Step 5: Choose An Attention-Grabbing Theme

There are millions of themes available in your WordPress dashboard.

You can Find in the Appearance>Themes>Add New Window option, which is shown in the above picture.

You can use any of them

But I don’t recommend that.

Here you will get various free themes, but These themes have several Bugs and several problems, so I don’t recommend it to you. And these are not made for professional Blogging.

Free themes can be hacked easily, and these themes do not provide a good impression in front of your visitor.

In the current scenario, The looks of any website matter a lot because it shows the quality which you are providing.

If you’re providing valuable content and you don’t have a quality theme, then it will change your visitor’s first impression, then it will affect your SEO.

if you don’t have a Good looking Theme,

Then, you are losing lots of amount of traffic and the audience from your Blog, which is harmful to your earning.

A Professional theme and Blog design will help you to build a Brand that contains quality.

Note:- Don’t Use a Nulled or cracked theme. That will be a huge mistake for your Blog. With this, you will totally lose your Blog, and by this, you are inviting hackers to hack your website.

There are various themes that I can suggest for you, but before that, you should know things before purchasing premium themes.

Make sure that premium themes that you are buying are lightweight {which will increase your website loading speed} and can be used easily.

Check that is your theme compatible with your latest WordPress version.

Always try to find out that theme which is responsive because by this it increases user experience in PC as well as phone.

Support is the most important thing, so try to find a theme that has excellent contact support (like Generatepress and Themeshop).

So, which theme is best for you?

I personally use the most famous theme Generate Press Premium theme because it contains lots of new features that will help you in taking your Blog to set up like a pro.

Generate press is the lightest theme (under 50 KB) which will make your site loading speed fastest.

Let’s see some amazing features which is provided by GeneratePress Premium Theme company:-

  • Ultra-lightweight theme under 30 kb to 50 kb
  • Easy to Use, customizable and good user experience
  • User-Friendly Layout
  • tons of customizing options.
  • SEO-Friendly & Mobile-Friendly responsive theme.

How To Purchase GeneratePress Premium?

Step 1: Click on this link to buy the theme.

Step 2: Click on Premium then Get it Now then select Add to Cart option. You can see the theme is added into your cart, which is shown below in the picture. and add payment feature in the hour WordPress account.

Step 3: Log in to your GP account and press the account and then Downloads it.

Step 4: you will see a button to download GP Premium (a plugin) which can be used in your WordPress plugins.
Download it into your Hard drive.

( Copy the License Keycode from your account).

Step 5: Now login to your WordPress account Dashboard
and go to Plugins — Add New — Upload Plugin to upload your GP plugin, install & activate that you downloaded.

Step 6: After installing and activating the GP Premium, click on Appearance — GeneratePress — Updates and find the license Key option and past the Key to activate plugin features.

Now let me tell some of my favorite paid themes that I am currently using on my other blogs.

Some of my Favorite Themes which I personally use

Astra Pro – Astra Pro is lightweight, Handy, and easy to customizable theme. This theme is like a generate press theme, but it contains a lot of features which doesn’t available in generate press, you can edit your homepage and add several features

Scheme Theme – Schema theme is a theme that is crafted by mythemeshop, and the best part of this theme that It is Search engine optimized(SEO).

Focus Theme By Thrive Themes –If you are an Affiliate Marketer so this theme is like Diamond mine for you because it’s conversion optimized which is good as compare to others.

There are various features are available that will help you to make your website more powerful. 

This theme is the most amazing theme which has all required Features like email opt-in, shortcodes, and many more. This theme is fully responsive too.


I will recommend Generatepress Theme as a beginner, or you are pro as well.

Step 6: Some Required Plugins For Your Blog

In WordPress, there are thousands of WordPress plugins that you can install on your WordPress account.

Many times beginner became so much confused about plugins. which he should install or not

To add any plugin to your site. You need to go to the plugin and add a new plugin in your WordPress account.

Want to know about Must-have plugins for starting a blog?

Let’s check them out.

So, Below is the lists of my plugins which I am personally using almost in all my websites –

1) Akismet Anti-Spam – Several times someone makes spam comments on your blog.
This is an Anti-spam plugin which is used to stop spamming comments on your Blog.

Just install the Akismet plugin on your Blog and get rid of spammy comments.

2) SocialSnap – Social snap is a social sharing tool, which is used to share your post content to many social sharing sites.

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms as well.

3) UpdraftPlus–Backup/Restore – from its name, you can easily understand it is used to backup as well as restore your website.

If you have lost your site data, then this plugin is the solution for any Problem regarding Backup/restore.

Updraft Plus will take your website back up, and you can restore it any time whenever you want.

4) Wordfence Security – It is like Antivirus for your website. Nowadays, security matters a lot in every work. This plugin will help you to save your website from hacking, Bot, And malware attacks. Such as Dos Attack.

5) WPRocket – WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin that is used to speed up WordPress websites with minimal effort. That can also be used in Seo preferences.

6) Contact Form 7 – This plugin would help you in creating a forum Such as a contact form, email Notification form, and etc.

With this, you will be notified by an email if anyone tries to contact you through your website.

7) Thrive Architect – Thrive architect is one of the best plugins for building awesome pages of your website.

If you want to build your professional website then, this plugin is a must.

8) Thrive Leads – Thrive plugin will help you in building your email list for your Blog, which will be help full for email marketing.

Step 7: Write And Publish Your First Article

Hence we had done all of our necessary work.

Now it is time to post what is running in your mind.

So how can you do that?

Go to your WordPress login and log in your account then

You can easily Find Post.

and find Add new tab.

Then, you can start writing the first Article of your Blog.

Now, Let me give you some pro tips which is helpful while writing content

A very confusing part comes from here you have to think on which topic or on which keyword you have to write your first article so,

for that, you have to research around your Niche and have to find out the keyword.

Pro Tip: I recommend you go with long-tail keywords because it is easy to rank.
Always try to add your Higher keyword in the title.

Make sure you should add some images to make your article more comprehensive;

 I strongly suggest using quality as well as lengthy content and detailed content which makes your visitors free from his question that he wanted to ask.

I suggest you go through with the on-page guide so you can optimize your content easily,
Use words like I and You to more connect with your readers, and I recommend you always to use copyright-free images which is good for your website.

Step 8: Perfect Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Now, the most Excited step, as well as question, arise in your mind that
How will you make money by starting a new website

In the current situation,99.99% of people are coming in Blogging because to earn a good amount of money


Let me help you to share with you some earning Methods.
Well, there are lots of ways to earn from your Blog,
Let’s See.

1) Ad Network: –

Generating revenue from advertising on your blog/website is the most used way of earning from a brand new blog because for a newbie it is difficult to get sponsorships.

Every Newbie or Beginners prefer Advertising networks as their first earning source.

There are many advertising networks available on the current market like
Google Adsense,, Infolinks, Popads, Etc.


Adsense is the most popular and most Preferred network which is owned by google.

If you’re a newbie then, Google Adsense is the best advertisement network for you. And if you have us/UK traffic, then you can also use

2) Affiliate Marketing: –

Affiliate marketing is the process to earn commission by promoting the product of companies. You can find such affiliate like amazon affiliate, maxbounty, commission junction, etc.

It is one of the most preferred and powerful sources to earn money from your Blog.


To earn money from affiliate marketing, you don’t need too much traffic. But need quality content and way of promoting your affiliate.

You can earn an enormous amount of money from affiliate program with less traffic,

But, that traffic should be targeted traffic. Means if you are targeting fashion keyword, then you have to post affiliate relevant to your Niche.

For earning money from Adsense you require a good amount of traffic, but in case of an affiliate, you can get a result in a small amount as well.

3) Sponsorship:–

Sponsorship is also one of the most used methods to increase your earning from Blogs

When your Blog/website is getting noticed by people, then, many big giants approach you for sponsorships.

And, by this, you can earn hundreds of dollars by just one sponsorship which can be Amazing as compare to others.

4) Sell Digital Products and Services: –

If you are an expert on anything like SEO, Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, then you can offer your content as a form of courses, Ebooks, etc.

If user like your content then they can buy them. By this you can also earn money.

FAQS which can be Asked By Several People

Q.1 How much cost Requires to Start a Blog Now?
It may vary according to plan, but the cost may be around 40$ for a year.

Q.2 How to get paid from Blogs?
You can start Blog From the above method, and by applying revenue sources, you can get paid.

Q.3 How to get traffic on my Blog?
You can get traffic from several ways such As by doing SEO or Promoting your Blog using Advertisement.

Q.4 Starting a blog in 2020 still worth it?
ES, of course, it is worth it because Blogging became a business for every blogger.

Q.5 Can I start blogging for free?
Yes, you can do that by using Google’s, but I Don’t recommend this Because, in the future, it will be irritating for you. And it is not entirely optimized.

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