How to Get AdSense Approval in 2020?

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What is Adsense?

Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an advertisement network from Google for publishers bloggers, Admob, and YouTubers.

This Ad network is used to make money from blogging and another field as well. The beauty of the AdSense ads is the quality of the advertisements that provide, which is highly engaging. It shows ads that are based on the interest of the article visitor.

Adsense is based on the CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-million) based network. It provide both type of impression and gives earning to it’s user.

Adsense uses a Search engine and website to collect information regarding a user to provide high-quality ads.

Why Google AdSense is the Best Advertising Program for Your Blog

adsense vs other network

The most significant factor which makes google Adsense is best that is its Trusts and best advertiser, which gives the best CPC to its promoter( Blogger, Youtuber). which we get from the name of its brand google.

There is various advertisement program available in the current market such as, propeller ads, adsterra and etc. but there is no one better than AdSense.

Still, if you having traffic from Tier 1 countries like the US, UK, then and google Adsense both perform better as compared to others.

Google Adsense Approval Tips For Fast Approval

Adsense approval trick and tips

In the present time, Adsense approval difficulty increasing day by day. There are several newbies come into the blogging field and did not get AdSense due to their small mistakes.

So, I am providing you a complete guide which you follow, then you will definitely get Adsense.

1. Write High-Quality Contents

writing high quality content

You should know this fact that content is always king.

Here content means the article which you write in your blog or website.

If your content is unique, means the material which you are going to write in your blog is not copied and having plagiarism 0, this content is called high-quality content.

Mainly various Newbies think that they get AdSense approval by copied content or by translating it to another language. But Google is not mad. Its algorithm detects it and blacklists it.

Google checks every post and page that is indexed in google by bloggers, so don’t try to fool Google. And try to post quality content.

For your website, you should post at least post 15 articles having more than 1000+ words, which will increase of chances of approval.

2. Blog Domain Age

Blog domain age

According to Google’s policy guideline, some restrictions have taken by Adsense in some Asian countries like India, Pakistan, etc. That you can not apply for Adsense 6 months before.

If you apply, there is a lot of chances to get your application canceled. But that is not right. You can get AdSense approval within 1 month as well for this, you just need to follow AdSense policies as well as writing high-quality content.

I had found several bloggers who had got AdSense in a month old site or even less. The only requirement is to write high-quality post and content and publish to your website.

3. Minimum Post and words required

minimum posts and words require to get adsense

There is no such thing in the Google policies that your blog needs so much post to apply for Adsense. But it is the most crucial factor which is required to get AdSense.

If you write a post having 300 to 400 words, then you should agree that fact that you have to write at least 40-50 posts on your blog or website to get Adsense, and if all your contents are 500-700 words, then you should write at least 18-22 posts.

The more words you write, the more chances of approval you get. so try to publish unique and detailed content.

4. Do Not Write Illegal Content

do not use illegal content on your blog

If your blog is related to adult content, gambling, hacking, etc. then forget about AdSense that you will get Adsense.

Google does not allow these content because these content violets google policies so try to not make a blog like that. if you want to get Adsense.

5. Do Not Insert Copyright Content

do not use copyright content

If you get a text, images, or videos from the Internet, so you should know that it violets google policies, so do not use it directly in your blog means without permission. Because it is not yours. If you give credit to them, then this is another matter.

so what you have to do is that you have to take ideas from your competitor’s Blog and write a blog in your manner.

By this, you can create quality content without violating Google’s policies.

6. Other Ad Networks

When you are going to apply to adsense so take this thing in your mind that your website should not be monetized with our adsense networks. Like, propeller ads etc.

If you know more about google Adsense then you can visit here.

 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

7. User-Friendly Design

user friendly article

Your blog’s design should be interactive and look like eye-catching.

This means that it is necessary to have a website that is having a responsive design. It should be mobile-friendly and should have search or navigation options through which your visitor can read your blog and can easily navigate within your blog.

Take an SEO friendly and user-friendly theme on your website. So I prefer to use GeneratePress because it lightweight and SEO friendly design.

8. Enter All These Pages

Try to create About, Contact, Disclaimer, etc. pages in your blog which will help your blog look like a professional Blog. despite that many Blogs got Adsense without doing that by luck.

There are some such blogs that, despite all this, Adsense is approved, but it is a matter of luck.

But I do not recommend that, because you don’t want your AdSense is rejected by your little mistake.

If you add about, contact, a disclaimer to your blog, then your chances will increase definitely.i had also seen various accounts that are approved by Adsense due to the reason that they contain all these pages.

All these pages are required for a blog. Which gives your visitors information regarding your blog or website.

9. Language Support

Language support

Adsense supports several languages which you can use in your blog.

You can use Hindi and English both of them. But if you want to get traffic from the US, UK, Canada then you have to use English.

10. Do Not Insert More Images

Do not insert too many images

Do not insert several images which are not required means if you want to apply for AdSense you need only those image which is necessary.

never try to write in images because google algorithms can not read images, so try to write content in your blog.

If you are using the image to write anchor text, then it is a good thing, but do not forget to write an ALT tag in all the photos. The Alt text that you type in the ALT tag, Google algorithm can read it easily.

11. Don’t Buy Visitors

Don’t even try to buy traffic from several websites because this traffic that are provided by this websites are called bot traffic.

According to google we have to use only the traffic which is real.

so try to get organic traffic by this you can apply and get your Adsense.

If there are 50 -100 visitors on your blog daily, so this amount of traffic is enough to apply Adsense. You do not have to take tension about the visitors. Because Adsense only sees the quality of your website.

12. Top Level Domain (TLD) & Email

top level domain

Buy a top-level domain means the domain which has extensions like .com, .in, .net etc.

I had shown a complete tutorial how can you buy a top-level domain if you want that then you can get that by clicking here.

For Adsense, you can apply with custom email, like [email protected], or you can use your Gmail account.

By this, Google considers you the owner of your blog or website, and your chances of approval increases.

Adsense Approval Trick In Short.

If you want that your Adsense account approve quickly, then follow the above as well as below article.

Step 1:- write minimum content of 800+ words and having 15-20 posts.

Step 2:- Do not forget about pages such as about, Contact, or Terms & Conditions page.

Step 3:- You should not take tension regarding visitors. You just have to write quality content. In any number of visitors, you can apply, Only the quality of content matters. Because Google does not care about visitors, it cares only about content.

4) After applying Adsense, you should not leave your blog. Every day you should write content. and do not try to write copy content.

5) Try to use a responsive theme means mobile friendly theme.

Most important Note:- Do not forget to read “Adsense Terms and Conditions” once you apply.


In this article, I had tried to provide you all the tips and tricks which I use to get google AdSense.

I hope it will help you to get Adsense and I wish you would do great earning from that.

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