GeneratePress Theme Review: Best Theme for your website

Are you looking for best theme for you.

Do you want the best theme that is having best user experience and ultralightweight.

Then you are in the right place,

I am using the Generatepress premium theme for a long time. So, I am the right person for the GeneratePress theme review.

Even this blog is also have generate press premium theme, so i can tell you the best.

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Creating a Blog, picking a perfect theme is also a significant thing. If you don’t choose the best-looking WordPress theme for your blog, then I can say that you will lose the attention of your visitors/readers.

According to pro bloggers bad theme can ruin your blog, How? 

According to a study every a second delay in your website, you lose 7 percent conversion of your users.

That’s tremendous..! Along with it, the most maximum of the users will come from mobile, so your website should be 100% responsive and mobile optimized.

Let me provide you some features of the Generate press theme.

  • Lightweight
  • Mobile – responsive 
  • SEO Optimized
  • Lighting Speed

I’ve tried many themes out there, GeneratePress is one of the best solutions.

But wait.

First of all, you need to know What is generatepress premium? And why it is necessary for your blog.

Let me clear your doubts about the Generatepress premium theme and why you should use it.

 image of GeneratePressTheme

What Is GeneratePress?

What Is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a multi-purpose WordPress theme created by Tom Usborne that comes with free and paid versions.

The main subject of GeneratePress is a 100% free theme. And then there is a GeneratePress Premium version.

GeneratePress Premium is technically a plugin that you install alongside the free theme. It expands the subject with even more functions.

It’s a simple-looking lightweight and mobile responsive theme that I’ve been using this theme for almost 3 years Generatepress premium is the most popular and lightweight theme that is used by many popular bloggers like Kulwnat nagi, Anil Agarwal, Digital Deepak, and many more.

If these popular bloggers are using this premium theme,

then their is something good in that theme.

This post is all about the GeneratePress theme review where I wish to talk about GeneratePress Free and premium along with its advantages and disadvantages, and why it’s one of the popular WordPress themes.


Let’s talk about some actual stats of generating press premium themes and why people love this theme.

GeneratePress premium coupon code

After a few years of publishing, This theme becomes super popular among bloggers because of there features and currently, it is having 2,311,868+ downloads.

Why GeneratePress Premium theme is Best?

Generatepress premium theme is the most popular and lightweight theme and, I’m using this theme on my website and on my other websites too.

This theme speed load time is so beautiful, and it can make your website load under 1 second as well.

GeneratePress is the perfect option for performance-oriented users who want to customize and control the look of their website.

You can ask GeneratePress to do just about anything. And since GeneratePress is focused on performance, then your website you create has an excellent Foundation for loading quickly.

And we all know that website speed is also one of the significant ranking factors. If your websites don’t load faster, then you will lose your website ranking definitely.

It is the best mobile-friendly theme and you can optimize this theme as per your requirements. It offers you a fully customizable experience.

What Pro Bloggers Say About GeneratePress Premium Theme

Dave Foy  //  Design Build Web

I use GeneratePress for every WordPress site I build and heartily recommend it to everyone. It’s rock solid and super fast, simple but powerful. And I 100% trust Tom the developer to always do the right thing.

Paul Lacey  //   Dickiebirds StudioGet GeneratePress

So happy I found GeneratePress. It’s been my framework for over a year, maybe 2 years. It gets better and better all the time. Loads of hooks and filters for dev work, and all the basics covered for the non-coders too.

GeneratePress Free Vs Premium

As I already mentioned at the beginning, generate press appears with both free and premium versions.

So, if you are just beginning and your budget is not enough to purchase WordPress premium themes you can use its free version too. 

Its free version is also good if you don’t need extra customisation.

As there are some limited customization choices in the free version so you should be aware enough to set CSS code to make the website look as you want.

Features of Generatepress Free Version 

Generatepress free version provides basic customization options for your website. Here are some essential features included in GeneratePress Free version – 

Mobile-Friendly – It is a fully mobile responsive theme even in its free version. 

Lightweight – the theme size is under 50KB that is no doubt quite good and it will provide you better page load time.

1 Click Reset –  Whenever you want to make your theme set by default, you can do it very simply with just one click. 

Custom CSS – So if you want to create your website fully customizable according to your needs so you must have some coding knowledge by this you can simply add custom CSS to design it.

14 Pro modules – To take your customization to the next level it comes with 14 pro modules.

Typography and font editing – it offers you a great collection of fonts and typography options.

Documentation –  if you’re a newcomer and not have sufficient information about customization and WordPress then it offers you documentation that covers almost everything that you may require.

GeneratePress Premium Features

In order to start customization at extreme level then your Premium version of Genretae Press is for you.

Since if you have zero knowledge in programming yet, you can make your website according to you. You can change almost anything very merely. Generatepress premium version primarily is a plugin called GP Premium.

First of all, Let’s take a look at the extra features of premium version –

Site library –  you can import any of the themes which you want to use.

Colors – it’s premium version arises with over 70+ various colors to pick the best color for your site.

Element – This is a group of 14 things in the GP premium theme that enables you to design dynamic pages. This is a high-level look system and custom theme layout.

woocommerce –  this module supports your woo-commerce website’s apparent aspects. You can add more colors, typography, and design options to your woo-commerce store. 

Menu plus – It begins with sticky navigation, mobile headers, and so on..

Spacing – using this function, you can measure and control the size, spacing, and padding of widgets.

Blog – you can give your blog post looks like a grid, column, and workmanship style. It offers you many other features like infinity scroll and so on…

Secondary nav – You can add secondary navigation to your website with the same features as primary.

Backgrounds – you can add background images with various effects and options throughout your site element.

Sections – You can use this section to break out your pages or posts. It’s a tiny in-built page builder of generating press.

Disable elements – you can turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your website.

Copyright – In the premium version, you can remove the default copyright message by generate press & replace it with yours.

Import/export – if you ever want to copy your generate press settings to one to another website, you can simply import or export your make press settings in a couple of clicks. 

GeneratePress Review: Pros & Cons


  • Fast loading theme
  • Seo optimized Premium WordPress Theme
  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Theme
  • Compatible with Popular Page Builders
  • Wocommerce Integration
  • Easy to Customize and User Friendly
  • Lots of Customization Options
  • Flexible Header Options
  • Content translator in 20 different languages.
  • Huge user base
  • Supportive developer


  • Have Demo Styles, But Not Full Websites
  • Not Many 3rd Party Integrations
  • Free Version Is Not That Useful, But Pro Is Awesome

GeneratePress Features That Make It Unique

Here are some of the specific features that explain why GeneratePress is so popular.

1. Optimized performance and fast page load times

In all of its functionality, GeneratePress always emphasizes excellent performance and clean code.

The entire theme is less than 30 KB, which is about as small as you will ever find for a WordPress theme.

Even most of the other optimized WordPress themes are always over 200 KB. And some badly coded themes can even exceed 1 MB!

GeneratePress also doesn’t have code dependencies, which helps you avoid the rendering blocking error that Google Pagespeed Insights often mentions.

Put that together and you get a super-fast loading theme.

2. Lots of customization options in the real-time WordPress customizer

Beyond performance, another area in which GeneratePress succeeds is its customization options.

GeneratePress uses the WordPress customizer for personalization, which is handy as you will be able to see any changes you make in real-time.

The free version of GeneratePress gives you decent options, but if you have GeneratePress Premium, you can customize just about anything related to your site.

For example, if you go to the Layout area, you can configure detailed settings for your:

  • Header – you can move your header and change its style
  • Navigation – GeneratePress offers you two different navigation options, including sticky menus
  • Sidebar layout – you can use one or two sidebars
  • Layout of blog posts – like image size, metadata, etc.
  • Footer layout – such as the number of widgets to include

generate press customization settings

Similarly, the Typography area allows you to control the font of each element of your site, including the buttons:

GeneratePress font settings
And you also get a detailed area to control the color of each item on your site.

Overall, GeneratePress will give you a lot more customization options in WordPress Customizer than most other themes.

This level of detail can be a bit overwhelming if you are a beginner. But once you understand how the settings are put together, you will have total control over the appearance of your site.

3. Page-level settings give you detailed control over each piece of content

With most themes, most articles and pages will use the same settings for the most part. You can have custom designs or formats, but you don’t have a lot of control beyond that.

GeneratePress changes this by offering you a new layout meta-box for each publication and page:

  • Change the number of sidebars used by your site or the orientation of the sidebar (like changing the sidebar from right to left)
  • Choose the number of footer widgets to use
  • Disable certain items, such as your header, navigation menu, publish the selected image, post title or footer
  • Create a special “container” for your page builder
  • When these controls are most useful, it’s if you’re using a WordPress page generator.

By disabling certain elements, you can create the appropriate baseline for the design of your page builder, making it easy to create custom content as needed.

4. Predefined start-up sites make it easier to design your site

In the past, you had to create GeneratePress sites from a blank canvas anyway, which made the theme difficult to configure for casual users.

Earlier in 2018, however, the developer added a new site library feature for GeneratePress Premium users that allows you to easily import any of the 25+ pre-built demo sites.

You can import them directly from your WordPress dashboard:

GeneratePress site library
And after the import process, your site will look exactly like the demo:

generate press demo site
Yes – this site still uses GeneratePress! I only clicked on a few buttons to import a demo site.

5. Other useful Premium extensions, plus a modular approach

In addition to giving you more style controls in the WordPress customizer, GeneratePress Premium also comes with many other useful features such as:

  • Elements – a unique feature that allows you to create custom hooks, page headers, or layout templates.
  • Page Header – allows you to create a single page header page by page.
  • Sections – it’s a bit like creating light pages. It allows you to create separate “sections” on a page, each with its own layout and its own column settings

To stay light, GeneratePress also offers you a modular interface where you can choose exactly what features you want to activate:

generate premium add-ons
That way, you don’t have to slow down your site for a feature you will never use.

Final Thoughts on the GeneratePress Theme

If you want a specific niche theme, you can probably save time by purchasing a theme that fits your niche needs from day one.

But if you’re ready to spend some time modifying the settings, GeneratePress style controls give you the flexibility to transform it into any type of WordPress site. Or, you might even be able to find a startup site that fits your needs to save time.

Plus, it’s one of the fastest loading WordPress themes you’ll find. So if you’re looking for the best possible performance, using GeneratePress as the foundation of your WordPress site is a great decision.

If you combine it with fast loading hosting, you should have no problem loading your site in less than a second.

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