What are Backlinks In Seo? Importance Of Backlinks

Hey every one According to me if you are in the field of Blogging then,

you somewhere listen to the term Backlinks. Then in your mind, the question may arise that,

what are backlinks in SEO, what is the importance of backlinks, and How to Create Backlinks for SEO?

To improve the number of visitors on your website, you use the SEO Techniques means on-page SEO and Off-page SEO

in that,

you will focus on the following terms.

  • Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Images
  • Title Tag, etc.

But due to lack of information regarding SEO and due to which New biews did not get visitors in his website.

by this they became demotivate and leave blogging.

so, In this article i will try to show you the importance of SEO and Backlinks.

If you are doing On-Page SEO optimization very well on your blog but not paying attention to off-page SEO


creating backlinks for blogs or websites, then your search ranking will not improve quickly.

Backlinks” are a very crucial factor for your blog because quality backlinks help to increase your website authority that is based on your backlinks building.

“Backlink” plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Many bloggers who have recently started their careers in blogging are not too much aware of backlinks, and it’s essential.

Pro TIp: If you are able to get high-quality backlinks to your website, then your blog will rank top in Search Engine.

So let’s Start without wasting your time.

What Is Backlinks In SEO?

what are backlinks?

Backlinks can be defined as the link to your website on another website or by own website that is called backlinks.


The link appearing on any other page on any website in a search engine by that visitor’s visits to your page is called Backlinks.

Types of backlinks

Backlinks are divide into two parts which are named

Internal Backlinks and external backlinks

Internal backlinks

Those backlinks that are presented in our own domain or website are called Internal Links.

For example:- the link which is used to redirect you in the same website.

like if I am saying about SEO then, then by clicking SEO you will sent to the anotheer page which is located in my website it will not redirect you to another webite it will only redirect you to same webste.

External backlinks

Those Backlinks that are given by another website to your website or blog are called External Links.

For Example:- The link which is used to redirect you in the other website

If I am giving you the link of Wikipedia and when you click on it, it will redirect you to the page of Wikipedia. Then this link is called an external link.

Importance Of Quality Backlinks For your BLog

Quality Backlinks are those backlinks that are coming from a High authority website, and a link which you are getting from a website that is related to the content of your blog.

For example:- If I am getting a backlink from that website that is relevant to my niche means blogging then it will always better backlink for me then any other backlink.

A High-Quality Backlinks can be more powerful than any Common Backlink or bad backlinks. Quality Backlinks are crucial to enhance your website’s Search Rankings in search engine results.

The backlinks built on your site should be genuine and if you use any automated method to generate backlinks then your website can be punished by a Search engine.

Pro Tip:- Creating High-Quality Backlinks are always beneficial to you than getting any low-quality backlinks for any blog or website.

If your blog or website has too many low-quality backlinks, your blog is counted in the spammy blog, which will harmful for your ranking.

The second important thing is not to create Backlink from everywhere, only on such Relevant Websites that are relevant to your niche,

the visitor will benefit by using your link which you left on that website.

Some common terms related with the backlinks, which you should know:

(a) Link Juice

Link juice is used in the ‘SEO and Blogging world to refer to the value of equity given from one page or site to another page.

This value is passed through hyperlinks.

Search engines see these links as votes or recommendations by other websites that your page is valuable and worth promoting by this search engine to improve your website.

(b) No-follow Link

In this type of backlink, When a website links to another site, that link has a no-follow tag, due to which the link juice does not pass.

Nofollow links are not useful for a blog or website in front of search engines. Generally, a webmaster uses a no-follow tag when it links out to an unreliable site or blog. 

For example, those link which you get from Wikipedia, or another website which provide you this backlink.

(c) Do-follow link

All those links that you make in your article from another website are Do-Follow links, and they all pass “link juice” on your website or blog.

(d) Linking Root Domains or referring domain.

It means that how many websites you are getting backlinks. These are coming from a unique domain on your blog. Even if a website provides links to your website 10 times, it will still be considered a linked root domain.

(e) Low-Quality Links

Low-Quality backLinks are those backlinks that are coming from those websites whose content is not relevant to the content of your blog or website

or having automated sites, spam sites, and even porn or adult websites.

These links are known as Low-Quality Links. These links reach a lot of losses. This is one of the reasons that you don’t need to buy backlinks for the third party.

(f) Internal Links

When you link an old article to your new article in your own blog or website, these links are called Internal Links, i.e.,

linking one page to another page in the same domain.

(g) Anchor Text

The HTML tag in which text is used for the hyperlinks.

Anchor text backlinks do an excellent job,

when you are trying to rank for specific keywords or posts in the search engine.

Benefits Of Creating Quality Backlinks In Search Engine Optimization?

Before I start talking about the benefits of backlinks, many changes are introduced in the field of Blogging and SEO.

In almost 5 years back, the websites are getting ranked by the low quality of backlinks, but in the year 2014,

google updates its algorithm in the form of google penguin update.

Then after that, if you want to rank your website in the search engine,

you have to use links that are relevant to the site.

For example: If your website is about blogging then your Backlink should be from its related site.

Now let’s show you the benefits of high quality of backlinks.

(a) To improve organic search ranking

As I already talked about High-quality Backlinks, High-Quality Backlinks help you to improve your search engine ranking

so that your blog can achieve a high rank in search engines such as google yahoo, bing, etc.

If any of your content gets organic links from other websites,

usually it only gets more important rank in the content search engine. Your aim should be to build a link for the specific post/pages with the homepage.

(b) Fast Indexing of website or blog

Backlinks help search engine bots to crawl links to your website. For new sites, getting high-quality backlinks is essential because they help in increasing your search results and indexing your website.

(c) Referral Traffic

One of the significant benefits of getting high-quality backlinks to your website is that they help in bringing the referral traffic


visitors from other websites. Backlinks referral helps in getting traffic, and

it also helps in decreasing the bounce rate of your site, so try to use High-quality backlinks.


I hope that it may help you if you want to get more information regarding

how can you create high quality backlinks the you can visit here also.

So try to give time to your blogging then it will definately provide you result.

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