The Uploaded File Could Not Be Moved To [Unsolved]

Last updated: July 21, 2009 by Yan

Just when I thought I had it, my WordPress just failed me right at my face. The thing was this. I could not upload any image from the admin dashboard, it always said:

The uploaded file could not be moved to….

Sure I must be missing something here as I have already enabled the so-called 777 permission to the wp-content/uploads folder. I have been searching googling for the answers or some kind of fix but to no avail. A good 12 hours for that. OMG. Is there any simpler way for me to fix the problem? I’m now really frustrated and tired coupled with the fact that the support system from my host provider has been rather disappointing. I have emailed them twice but none is ever replied as of now. Must be busy, huh?

The reason I’m writing this post is I suppose I could use it as an outlet to pour out my pent-up frustration and hope that someone might be well-versed enough to have the answer to my problem. As for now, I will leave the problem as it is.

Does anyone have similar problem like mine? If yes, have you found the solution?

Update: The method suggested by Josh Highland’s and Hongkiat’s (Thanks guys for the tips) do not produce any result at all, well at least it still fails me. Maybe my problem is unique in a sense that I have sent the third email to my dear host provider and it’s still dead end.

Yet another update: Sometimes the best solution to a complex problem is simply simple. If you are in the similar situation as I am, this is how I fix it. Hope it helps.

6 Responses to “The Uploaded File Could Not Be Moved To [Unsolved]”

  1. Hi. Got the same problem here.
    Mine says: “The Uploaded File Could Not Be Moved To /websitename_co_uk/wp-uploads/2008/05.
    Note the underscores instead of dots in the web address. Is this what you are getting?
    Anybody found a solution yet?

    Chris AT beautyphoto DOT co DOT uk

  2. Jade F.


    “The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/username/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/05″
    (or a variation depending on your directory structure)

    Apparently a lot of people encounter this issue with the image upload, even until now. I’ve had the same problem since yesterday. I tried several suggestions online, including something quite advanced–about changing something in the phpAdmin and some mySQL stuff–but nothing worked. I tried your suggestion as well but didn’t work for me, sorry :) .

    If it’s any help, this simple folder renaming solution worked for me:


  3. Yan

    Hey Jade,

    I’m glad that you fixed the problem. Thanks for sharing with us your solution to it. I wonder why the solution differs from one person to another. I guess it must be due to differing hosting server configuration.

  4. Yan

    @Emma: Coincidentally, that’s the most popular search term for my blog too.

    You are right, a lot of people are having this kind of problem when upgrading to the new version or in some cases, changing host server. I wonder when will they fix this issue.

    Anyway, I was fine when I updated my blog to WP 2.5.1 not too long ago.