Now blogging competition is very tough and every blogger wants targeted audience, more clicks and better SEO. They are doing very hard work on it and they are getting success. There are some easy ways to optimize blog posts for better SEO. You will need to do more research, if you want SEO optimized posts for your blog and that can be only done when you will carefully read, understand and use the below tips.

Optimizing blog post is really a good idea, you can get more users and better rank for your blog. Better rank is good for blog health. In this modern technology world, many smart brains are present and they are ready to compete with others, you must have some basic skills to stand in competition. In this post you will get some knowledge about how to optimize blog post for better seo.


Keywords are the first work on which you should focus during blogging, Keywords can be help you to forward your blog from 0 position to top. Every one are using keywords, even the peoples who have not started their blogging yet, they are also use keywords for their social searches and postings.

Getting better keywords for your blog, you should have a great knowledge about your niche and about some great tools which will help to find good keywords for your blog.

For keyword purpose, google was launched adwords keyword tool, which is now converted into Adwords Keyword Planner with great keyword finding. Yes, keyword planner is an Adwords’ tool and as we all know that adwords is an advertising program provided by google and this is very good that we got a keyword tool by an advertising program which is very helpfull for us, because it will provide keywords according to their google search.


Titles are important for any post, because without title every post is waste. Optimizing post title is a better decision, but how?

Keywords which you were found before writing any post can help you in optimizing you post title, use your keywords in post title and write your post title in a good and optimized style. Use maximum 65 characters in your post title because 65 character title can be properly search by Google.

Manage you post title according to your topic, For Example! you wrote a post on Make money by adding Chitika ads in blog, so the title should be look like this “Make Money : How to add Chitika Ads in Blog” is better than “How to add chitika ads in your blog” now you can see a difference, in first title i provided two types of title in one, how? Our first part of title can be show in result of Make Money and then the 2nd part of title can be show in the result of how to add Chitika ads, i hope you are now properly understand that how to optimize Post Title.


Images are also a part of post, you can describe your whole idea with images, every blogger insert image in the starting of his post to provide the topic of his post. You can also optimize images for better SEO.

Insert Images but don’t use the large size images, small size image can be easily index by Google and the other optimized method is Image ALT-Attribute, ALT stands for alternate and google indexed images through ALT keywords.

Add Alt keywords related with your post topic, add alt words from 3 to 4, its better for indexing. Now How to add alt in image tag. You can add alt tag by going to image property setting and add alt tag. The 2nd thing is to add alt tag directly in HTML element of image.

Your Image element will be look like this:

<img src=”YOUR IMAGE LINK” />

Add ALT attribute in this tag


Image Optimization is easy and can be done by every one.


Now at the time of writing, be serious with keywords, you will use your searched keywords in your post but use different keywords and all keywords will be related with your post.
Use your keywords in your post’s starting paragraph, and use some cool effect on 2 to 3 keywords like bold, italic or bg color, this will make your keywords special for search engines. 
Headings: Optimize your Post headings by adding your best keywords in your headings.
Sub Heading: Adding keywords in sub heading is an other good thing to optimize blog post.


Many bloggers are using this method, You visited many blogs and  you saw many links in blog posts and all links have a link to previous posts of that blog. You can also do this in your blog, its great for SEO and better for Blog Ranking.
How to do it? its very easy, you should have all post title in your mind. So, when you write a post like on SEO and you write many keywords which have a connection with your previous posts, just add your previous post link to that keywords and you’re done. You can also see this method in our posts, even in this post also.
Don’t Add on too many words use some better linking see the image below, then you will automatically understand that what i want to say,


Tags are also better for SEO and for optimizing blog post, every blogger use tags and search engine also index tags for quick search, you can also use tags for better post’s SEO.
Don’t use multiple tags just use one, two tags for each posts, but that tag must be related with your blog post, if you add more than 2 tags then it can be confuse the search engine.
How to add Tags for better optimization? If you write post Twitter, so you can use just one tag which social media or you can also use two tags like, social media, Twitter, Both tags are defining your blog post and these will also help search engine to index your post.


Did you ever optimize your post URL? i think few from you all are doing this work, but this work becomes very useful for you if you want to get more traffic from search engine.

Post URL gives the nice backup of your post title to search engine, you can increase the chances of your post to be searched in search result by optimizing the blog post URL.

How to Optimize? Easy to do as this post URL and Title, this post’s title is SEO : How to Optimize Blog Post and URL is , now you can see that i have optimized my post URL related with my post title, now they both (Title + URL) will make my post seo result more powerful.

MESSAGE : I Hope this post will help you to optimize your blog post, and you still need help to optimize your blog post so you can post your comment below.

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