How to Earn a Six Figure Income from Blogging in Two Easy Steps

Last updated: July 21, 2009 by Yan

So you want to earn a six figure income from blogging?

We have a dream. I do and I did made my first six figure income before and in the process I made my million (not with blogging though) and I lost it all. They say making the first million is the difficult part, the easy one is to make the second million after the first. Nah! I disagree.

Making the first million is easy, keeping that same million is the most difficult one, if you know what I mean. I had it all and I lost it all. But that’s OK and that’s life. I’m cool with it. So when someone told me that I could earn a six figure from blogging, I jump right at the chance.

Here’s his fool-proof method

How to Earn a Six Figure Income

Thanks, engtech.

You wouldn’t think so, huh? It’s very clever and it really makes sense. Why wouldn’t I think of it before when I was making my six figure income? I could have now proudly claimed that ‘I earn a six figure income from blogging’

OK! OK! The reason I post this is that I’m experimenting the effectiveness of a post title like this one. How enticing it could be to the readers. I admit I was a victim too myself. Thank you.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial.

If there is one post title that leaves the strongest impression on you and you still remember it now, would care to share with me?

7 Responses to “How to Earn a Six Figure Income from Blogging in Two Easy Steps”

  1. This is quite an enticing topic!When i first clicked it, i thought i would find great tutorials that contemporary bloggers do, but little did i know that this would be a catch!ROTFL!

    Actually, topics like this always catch people and increase your hits. If there’s a title that says “How to increase your page rank in 3 easy steps” and another one that says “How to use and live Wp” , people automatically have this urge to read the first one.They might look at the second one later. First things first is what people say!

    Makes me think of the time when i wrote “How to lose a guy in 5 days” and people flocked in , to read that when i had written a great short story at the same time!This is a strange world!:)

  2. Yan

    You know, people judge the book by its cover in the same manner a catchy title attracts more clicks. That’s the way it is in our society. As in most cases we fail to see the beauty inside.

    Similarly, we are always searching for instant gratification or quick remedy to any solution. Therefore, the how-to-in-3-steps kind of title is always popular.

    The world is not strange. It’s US who make it strange.

  3. Hello Everyone,

    The Post drew me in and I can see how this
    worked . Great Post and keep in touch.

    PS. Would be nice to make a Million and keep it.

    To our Success,