DoFollow – What They Teach You In Kindergarden

Last updated: July 21, 2009 by Yan

There is a common misunderstanding among new bloggers that whenever they leave their URL online either by submitting to directories or commenting on blogs, their footsteps, so to speak, will be discovered by Google and other Search Engines. It was the same misconception I had.

The answer to the above misconception is either Yes or Wrong. ‘Yes’, your link will be discovered indexed by Google if the site supports DoFollow and ‘Wrong’ if the NoFollow is left intact. WordPress by default, as in other blogging platforms, automatically enable NoFollow for all user-generated links such as comments and trackbacks.

What is NoFollow?

In kindergarten term, NoFollow means your URL will not be followed by search engines as such your link will not counted as a valid link pointing back to your site. They call it backlink. How important your site is in the eye of search engines is determined by how many backlinks pointing to your site. The more backlinks you have, the higher your site in search engine ranking. For the sake of simplicity, let’s not explore this further in this article.

FYI NoFollow is originally intended to deter spammers from posting comments to boost their own search engine rankings. Google understands that we all want quality search results which are free of spams. Thereby all the comment links will not be considered and indexed as outbound links.

So what is DoFollow?

no nofollow

DoFollow = No NoFollow. Make sense? It is the opposite of it. It is the practice of removing the NoFollow tag from the comment link. It only means that whenever you make a comment – not a spam - on the site that enable DoFollow, you will not only engage in the conversation with other commentators, you will get rewarded with a backlink provided that you leave your URL when commenting. In short, you comment and I follow. The term popularly used among bloggers.

Leaving a comment on other related blogs is one of the basic most new bloggers tend to overlook in their quest for link-building and referral. In theory, commenting is the most effective and cheapest form of marketing backlink-building for freshly-made blogs to increase traffic referral and gain extra incentives of backlinks from DoFollow blogs. Thus, improving Google Page Rank.

Now let’s do link-building, shall we?

Presumably you have understood the above concept of DoFollow, now it’s time to do the necessary. Here’s a list DoFollow sites to jump start your link-building. Tips: Find those who are in your niche.

If you are in make money online niche, a blog that discusses about marriage may not be what you want. Unless, you have an idea of how marriage can be turned into a profitable business. Got it?

1. Fresh Geeks with 25 DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites
2. Minterest with a huge List Of Over 250+ DoFollow Blogs
3. Swollen Pickles has List of Forums that allow “DoFollow” signature links
4. Courtney Tuttle’s D-List
5. Bumpzee! DoFollow Community Blog List
6. DoFollow Blogs Search Engine

That’s enough to keep you busy for the rest of the week. Just don’t spam.

This blog is no longer DoFollow

Without a doubt NoFollow does help a little with spam prevention, however I’m in the opinion that there will be lesser incentive for other bloggers to express their opinions and thoughts and to engage in the conversation which may add extra values to it.

I am all for rewarding my commentators, I mean legitimate ones, but moderation is needed from getting it out of hand. So if you have any valuable opinions on the use of Dofollow or maybe you disagree with it, leave your comment below and I’ll surely follow you.

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  1. Can you add DoFollow Diver to the list please?

    It’s a dofollow blog search engine that not only is hand-edited, but also searches for blogs with dofollow commentluv and dofollow top commenter for even more free links.

    it is at:


    Link Building Bible’s last blog post..How to Easily Spot NoFollow Links

  2. Yan

    I’ll probably write a post about it sometime later. Would it be better?

  3. Yan

    @Techack: CommentLuv is a plugin that grabs your most recent blog post and puts it as a link in the comment as you can see it from your last comment. Dofollow or otherwise will depend on whether the blog has adopted dofollow.

    This blog is dofollow which means each time you comment, you are building an inbound link pointing back to your site and with CommentLuv in place, it’s double links.

  4. Interesting article, I’ve read a few contradicting articles on No Follow/Do Follow, some say that focusing too much on Do Follow Blogs can deter your marketing strategy, while others rely heavily on this tactic.

    Your article focuses a little less on the morals of Do Follow blogs, instead highlighting the actual positives and reasons why people do use this strategy, something which I appreciate.

  5. Yan

    @Rocking Parties – I’m not an advocate of commenting on dofollow blogs for the sake of backlinks. Instead we should all participate in the conversation that matters to us. Having all those backlinks is a nice bonus though.

    Thanks for dropping by and welcome to

  6. Great blog dude. Do follow comments are awesome. I will be blogging about do follow social bookmarking websites. Not only are they do follow but some of them let you ad as many tags to your submission as possible. I personally live the social bookmarking websites that are running on the scuttle script. Here are 5 do follow social bookmarking websites. I think 1 of them is PR2

  7. Hi Yan,

    I have been digging through your archives and I am getting even more impressed by your site. I love your big no nofollow sign. Cool stuff and adds a lot of value to this post. The post title is also awesome. It really shows you know your stuff.


    Jeremy Day´s lastest post..Best of Steve Pavlinas How To

  8. hi Yan,
    If they teach the importance of Do Follow in (SEO) kindergarden, then in 1st grade I think they teach the importance of a good Title, and I think your title for this post (which is why I found you) is a good example. Your keyword is the first word, and the title is “catchy”. I can tell from your other posts that I’ll need to keep reading.
    ~ Steve (aka the trade show guru)

    Trade Show Guru´s lastest post..Run, Fatboy, Run

  9. Hi Yan,

    I found your blog through Jeremy’s Insight Writer. Wow, great posts! I never understood this no-follow stuff until I read this post, so thanks for explaining it so clearly. I have no idea if my blog is do-follow or no-follow… I’m probably one of the clueless beginning bloggers you write for ;)

    Can’t wait to read your future posts – I’ve subscribed to your feed obviouslyso keep up the good work!


    Daphne´s lastest post..I’ve Been Tagged! 6 Random Things About Me

  10. Your blog has taught me so much.
    i mean seriously I’m a new webmaster and i was totally lost in a see of junk until i bounced here. I’m not talking about this article alone but on all sorts of other articles. thank you very much.
    P.S Dofollow Rulls :)

  11. How can I determine if my blog is a DoFollow or a NoFollow one? I’m new to all this tech-speak and feel a bit like I’ve been dumped in the middle of Tajikistan without a dictionary!

    emma james´s lastest post..Loving Airport Anonymity

    • Yan

      Hey emma

      By default, your blog will be nofollow, meaning all the links within the comment section will be ‘nofollow’. Does that answer your question?

      PS: Don’t worry, they used to call me, “The living dictionary”..;)

  12. Does anyone have a real answer to NoFollow in WordPress? I’ve read every comment I can find and downloaded a couple of DoFollow plugins…read how I’m supposed to upload them into WordPress and activate them…then log into my WordPress dashboard, can’t find the “wp/content” directory and can’t find anything to do with plugins. Were the DoFollow plugins written for older versions of WordPress? Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Jeff Cotrupe´s lastest post..• MarketPOWER featured with Accenture, BearingPoint, Capgemini and Deloitte in Billing & OSS World

    • Yan

      Yes, Jeff….. you are using the wrong platform. No plugin can be installed on unless you opt for self-hosted version of WordPress.

      No mistake about it. You have more control with Plugin does wonder to your blog but sadly, it’s not an option for you at this point of time.

      Hope that answers your question. Let me know if you need anything else.


  13. Wow, that was one of the most simple, easy to understand explanations of DoFollow I’ve read. Wish I’d seen this a while ago. It took me ages to understand what it all meant.

  14. Could wordpress or blogger or other blogging platform set simple script/code such as “if moderator thinks that the comment is a spam, then either delete or become nofollow; else leave as dofollow”?

    BTW, the “#6 DoFollow Blogs Search Engine” (that you listed) is better than the one that I’m using. Try to search for “link building” using that tool and using They gave different results – but I think the one that you mentioned is better. Thanks – coz this new tool does save my time & efforts!

    • Yan

      Hey Ian

      Yes, there is a plugin that does pretty much to what you want. I just couldn’t remember it off my head right now.

      And glad you find it more useful than At the point of writing this article, I wasn’t aware of its existence.


  15. I’m just getting started with blogging and have learned some nice techniques from your site. Thanks!

  16. Val

    I’m still a bit confused. I understand the implications of “dofollow” but so far I still can’t find a simple explanation as to how to change your WordPress blog from being “nofollow” to “dofollow.” I’m sure it’s a simple procedure, but if someone could explain to me in simple terms how to do this, I’d be very grateful :)

    Val´s lastest post..Renfrew County Women in Business

    • Yan

      If you’re on WordPress, install this dofollow plugin and once it’s activated, all your comment links will be “dofollowed”.


  17. Spammers nowadays do not mind if blog is nofollow or not, what they are more interested in is a link! One of my blog that was dofollow blog because of the annoying spammers, i nofollow it but yet the spam mails increases. They even went to the extent of trackback now… :(

  18. Han

    I’m new to blogging and your blog has clarified a lot of thing for me. Thanks for the helpful blog! :)

  19. Thanks for u sear with us this nice list bcz Do follow Bookmarking list its very useful bcz they get easily Back links, PR, Website Ranking and Traffics

  20. Mike

    I’ve listed a few more DoFollow search custom Google search engines here.

    My view is that DoFollow is an ‘age of blog’ thing i.e. it really makes sense to do it if you are a smaller newer blog but then as the amount of comments you have builds up I can totally see that the process of moderation becomes too time-consuming …