Get better traffic to the blog? Must know some easy SEO tips which will help you in Blogging. This article is specially written for Beginner Bloggers. Blogging is not just post quality articles on blog but it is every thing for a true blogger. A true blogger spend his time mostly on blogging just for a good position in Blogosphere and for some respect which he want from peoples.

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optmization)

7 SEO Tips

Platform SEO setting means that the platform you choose for blog on which your is hosted have their own SEO option and You can easily set all the SEO settings in your platform Setting TAB.
Blogger > Setting > Basic
WordPress > Setting > Reading

Optimizing Blog template is not so hard, you need to make your design for users which will help your users to find their need. There is two simple ways to optimize your template by adding two meta tags.


Image is an important part of any blog or website. Peoples must post images in their posts but did they ever think that these images could become the good SEO result for any website or blog but how. After adding the Images in post just add some attributes in img TAG. See Below.
The above is the example of image optimization. The Alt and the Title attributes will help Search Engines to index your site images when your post will not be indexed. Set title upto 4 – 5 words and Alt 3 – 4 word its better.

Post an article is not enough but you need to add the killer title in your post. There are many best tools which provide you the best keywords but for beginning i prefer you the recently launched tool by Google in the replacement of Adword Keyword Tool which is Adword Keyword Planner Tool, by using this tool you can easily find best keywords for your post title to get better traffic.
Daily posting means to post articles daily but how much? If you want to be good blogger and want a good position in Blogosphere, then you have to spend a long time on your blog. Have to do hard work on blog. You will need to post atleast 2 articles daily but that articles should be Unique, Quality and contain 400 to 600 Words. This will help your blog to be indexed in search engines daily.

Your work will not complete after applying the above tips because one more tip is available and this is very important. Search Engines want your site or blog’s daily post counts and for this you submit sitemaps. Create Accounts on Google and Yahoo+Bing webmaster and then login your account, choose your blog, then goto sitemaps and add the sitemap by adding the following line.
Thats All.

Social Media is now become a biggest source to get fans. Millions of people using different social platforms, and they connected with that peoples or companies whom they like the most. Social Media can easily promote your blog or site all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Connect your blog with best Social Media Profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest

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