Ideas for Your Blog Topic

Although the common perception is that blogging is just a personal diary of writing mundane facts and personal trivia, blogging in fact can help raise a lot of fund if one can maintain a blog with topics and events of consequence, a blog from which readers can benefit.

Yes, you need to present your blog well, structure the information such that it is easily relatable and it is up to date for people to use. However even before your presentation, the most important step is to decide on the topic for your blog.

It must be relevant, you must have enough content to keep the blog up to date, you must have a fair idea on what you are talking about, you must have sources to keep the blog up to date and your topic should create a niche audience such that they are loyal to your blog and may also drive new traffic to it.

It is strongly advised that you choose a topic for your blog that you think is most relevant to you and suits your background. Let’s look at some blog topics that have been successful over time.

Cooking and Recipes

If you enjoy cooking and food, you have a great opportunity to kick off a blog with great personal recipes, reviews of best restaurant and your tips that may fetch a lot of traffic to your blog and in turn revenue. Add a little bit of a history about the food item you are discussing, the calorie information, how you created the recipe, personalize it a little bit and if possible add an image too. Remember to add relevant links for the readers and discuss their comments actively. This ensures that you are involved with your readers.


If you are good at observing and analyzing things, then you can make a good living by writing a blog on reviews. You can review a new product on market, a new film, a new compact disc, or a new book. People always want to know about things before they spend their money to buy it or watch it. Good reviews can earn loyal readers from everywhere and a steady traffic is always a boon for any blog. Consider writing reviews as a topic for your blog.


Statistics show that gardening is one of the most common hobbies for people all across the world. They all need tips and suggestions on how to have their garden ready before spring. They need to know the best stores to buy the products from and how to maintain it. Consider keeping gardening as a topic of your blog if it interests you. For that matter you can even consider writing blogs on other hobbies like cross-stitching, knitting, etc. Remember to pep it up with links and tips.

Technical Topics

You can choose from a series of technical topics if you are confident and have knowledge of the same. From using different software, tools, playing golf to DIY or photography or cameras or business ideas, sales etc. there is a wide range of topics to choose from and you can easily have a dedicated audience for your blog.

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