How To Become a Better Blogger

What makes a successful blog? What’s the difference between a problogger and a noob? Essentially, what separates the men from the boys?

There are three variables to determine whether a blog will succeed or fail and these factors, are What You know, Who You know, and the Time factor.

Most bloggers have one of those to some degree. But very few have them all.

The perfect example of the ultimate blogger in my mind is Darren Rowse from Problogger. Undoubtedly he knows everything, he knows everybody, and it’s his full time job, so he’s got all day to blog.

He’s got the ability to write quality content three times a day and he knows enough people to make every blog post a success. However, we all don’t need to replicate the success of Darren, for most of us, we’d be thrilled with just a couple thousand dollars.

So with that in mind, if you can get one of these factors down, and the other two to some degree, then you’ll be able to get that coveted few thousand.
It’s Not Only What You Know but It’s Also Who You Know
What You Know

Your Content

Good, original content is essential for any blog. But it’s entirely possible to have great content, and still have a very unsuccessful blog.

However, in the end, if you want to make lots of money online, you need to be able to write new content on a consistent basis. And especially if you are in the make money online niche, which is so congested with lots of people claiming to know the secret, giving fresh content is an essential to success.

People don’t want more posts on how to reach the first page on digg, unless you have actually made it. Stop trying to make links, by telling people how to get links, stop trying to make money, by showing people how to make money. You’re merely being another despicable victim of the John Chow effect.

The secret to what you know, is to actually know something. There was a day when people actually wrote about stuff they knew, and as time continues, those people clearly distance themselves from the pack.

Have you ever wondered why the sites of Seth Godin, Problogger, John Chow, and Shoemoney, are so clearly in a league of their own? It’s because they have actually already made money, and are actually getting traffic. They have earned the right to tell you about getting traffic, and making money

Over time the people who are giving original, quality content, will overpass all other bloggers.

Who You Know

Your Network

The saddest part about online blogging, is that it’s not always fair. You could know everything about your niche, and write incredible posts consistently, but unless you can get your name out there, your content will remain being read by you and your dog.

Who you know, can play a huge factor in your internet success. Say John Chow had a friend who just started a blog. One review by John Chow, and that guy assuming he has some content of any kind, he’s almost guaranteed readers. But even if you don’t know John Chow, if you know a couple middle level bloggers, then you can also get enough readers to get you going.

Though you can achieve this marketing the hard way, through hours of work, with a few blog posts from the right people, you can instead dedicate your time to blog posts, and not marketing.

The hardest part about blogging, is just receiving that first flood of traffic. Once the viral effect starts rolling, you’re all set.

But the hardest part is getting that ball to roll. And if you have the right connections, you can greatly speed up that process.

Time Factor

This is the most unfair part in the blogging world. No matter how great content I have, I can always be beaten by a guy who blogs throughout the day, giving half as good content. As long as he can give it three times as much, nine times out of ten he wins.

Sadly, people want quick content more then slower more informative content. A blog that posts daily 500 word articles, will beat the guy who posts weekly 1500 word, articles almost every time.

Now this can be good or bad, depending on what side you are on. But the fact is, time plays a lot bigger role then people would like. So one needs to ask himself before he gets into blogging, how many hours he can really put into blogging? If it’s less then two you probably won’t be able to achieve much success.

Now if you are one of the people who has time, then take advantage of this. And no matter where you are on this, find ways to cut down the amount of time you’re using for stuff. That could be the difference between a xxx income and a x,xxx income.

It’s Not Only What You Know but It’s Also Who You Know

Now I tell you these three things, for you to find out what your strong points are. I highly doubt you have all three of these, (although you may think you do).

Figure out which of these three is your strength, and then form your blog around that conclusion.

If you don’t know anybody, well then spend time social networking, so that you can make some connections. If you have great content, but don’t have the time or the connections to get people to know about it, then maybe it’s worth it to buy a review by a popular site.

Or if you want the free version, then start guest posting on any popular blogs you can, (use that good content to good use.) And finally if you have only the time factor, well then honestly you probably shouldn’t be blogging, but if you insist, then create a google reader with the 30 most popular blogs in your niche and read, and then comment on each post.

You’ll start to build some connections, and market your site all in one. As those connections grow, ask for the opportunity to guest post. And also, Learn from them. Study, yes that’s right Study!

That’s how you learn what to write about; you get inspiration from others and become a better blogger yourself.

In Summary

So examine yourself, and your blog, and find out your talents. Immediately begin to implement your strengths, and work even harder to fix your weaknesses. This is the difference between a successful blogger, and one scraping by with a couple visits a day.

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