15 SEO Tips for Beginners

Last updated: July 21, 2009 by Yan

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about optimizing your blog to rank high in the Search Engine Results and thus increase overall visibility. Apart from unique contents and site design, it’s one of the most important aspects of blogging.

Basically, what you are trying to achieve here is to figure out On What ‘Keywords’ you want the visitors to find your site and how to optimize the said ‘keywords’ to rank high & relevant in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Simply put, everything begins with what you have carefully chosen as “Your Keyword“. An example of mine are Blogging Tips for Beginners and Blog for Beginners which currently ranks #2 and #1 respectively.

15 SEO Tips for Beginners

If you are new to blogging concept and SEO in particular, I’ll like to share with you 15 SEO Tips to help improve your site’s ranking in the Search Engine Results, all without the usual jargon.

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1. Keywords in <title> tag

One of the most important factor to rank high in your chosen keyword is to have it – your keyword – inside the <title> tag. The <title> tag is what appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page. In what I have came to learn is that what appears in the beginning is more important than what comes next.

To give you an idea, let’s take a look at 2 of my chosen keywords – Blog for Beginners & Blogging Tips for Beginners, as the former appears first follows by the latter, naturally Blog for Beginners appears higher than Blogging Tips for Beginners. However, this may not always be the case as other factors such the competitiveness of the keywords are equally important. What I’m trying to say is that you always put your Primary Keyword first.

Now if you are on WordPress, I’d recommend use of an indispensable Platinum SEO plugin to help you optimize your <title> without messing up your theme code.

2. SEO-Friendly URL

By default, WordPress set the permalink structure as www.domain.com/?p=12 which is a big NO NO for Search Engines Optimization (SEO). It doesn’t actually gives any indication to the robot what the url is all about.

In what I have came to learn, the optimal URL structure, according to Matt Cutt with his SEO tips, would be to use only the post title as part of the URL and don’t include the post date in your URL. Not only it is human-readable, more importantly it gives the maximum SEO benefits. How to Optimize Your URL For Search Engines.

3. Proper Use of Keywords in (<H1>, <H2>, <H3>)

Don’t expect the search engine to figure out which are the headlines – it won’t. Instead, use your keywords in the <H1>, <H2>, and <H3> tags to provide clues to the search engine. A good buddy of mine, PB has revealed The Best SEO Tricks Ever that shows you how to optimize your keywords within those headlines.

4. Keywords in Image <alt> tag

Indeed images speak a thousand words but Search Engine Spiders don’t read images, they only read the <alt> tag which is the textual description of the image. Hence, it is important to always provide a meaningful description of an image with your keyword within the <alt> tag. Why you should care with the image ALT attribute.

5. Anchor Text of Inbound & Outbound Links

What is Anchor Text? It’s the word within a hyperlink. Here’s an example, About Yan Susanto, in which “About Yan Susanto” is the anchor text. Not only it gives your readers an idea of about the content of the page you’re linking to, more importantly it tells search engines what the page is about. Used it wisely, it will boost your rankings in search engines, especially in Google. As a rule of thumbs, avoid using “click here” for an anchor text. (See the outbound links on #2 and #3)

6. Origin of Inbound Links

Besides the anchor text, it is your duty to ensure that the sites that link to you is not from bad neighbourhoods. The theory is that it’s better to have one inbound link from a reputable site (generally speaking, sites with greater Google PR are considered reputable) than to have one hundreds links from untrusted sites. Simply said, who links to you does matter.

It’s also important to note that inbound links from sites of similar niche has far more credibility in the eyes of Search Engine than that of unrelated ones. Where Do You Get The Best Quality Inbound Links?

7. The Power of Internal Linking

One important element of SEO that is often overlooked is Internal Linking which, in layman term, means the process of linking to other pages of your site within your archives. I can’t think of a better way to reactivate and rejuvenate the old and buried posts in your archive than to link them internally in your recent post.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of internal linking in the distribution of your Page Rank – if any, to your internal pages and in helping to improve your search engine results. Link building is never enough without proper internal linking.

8. Links from Directories

I’m not a fan of free directories as IMO having tons of links from PR0 directories is useless and it can even be regarded as link spamming, but being listed in DMOZ Directory, Yahoo Directory and similar directories will certainly boost for your overall ranking. However, it is almost impossible to get into DMOZ without much of a credibility – and some says ‘certain form of connection from biased editors’. Still it’s one of those things that is worth your while.

9. <Description> metatag

Though metatags are becoming less and less important, there are two metatags that still matter in SEO, these are the <description> and <keywords> metatags. Both are still important from a human and search engine perspective. <Description> metatag is what you use to describe your site. In fact, this description is what the visitors see when your site appears on the search results. How to Create The Perfect Meta Description For Google (& Searchers)

10. <Keywords> metatag

While you are it, fill your <Keywords> tag with relevant keywords. Relevancy here means that every word within <Keywords> metatag must somehow appears somewhere within the body text. If not, it can be penalized for irrelevance and considered bad for your ranking. What’s The Best Keyword Meta Tags Formula?

11. Use of Robots.txt for Duplicate Content

Basically the purpose of creating a robots.txt file is to improve site indexation by telling search engine crawler to only index your content pages and to ignore other pages (i.e. monthly archives, categories folders or your admin files) that you do not want them to appear on the search index because it may lead to duplicate content issue.

If you are using WordPress, Syed Balkhi wrote a must-read Robots.txt Guide for WordPress – Avoid Duplicate Content.

12. Use of Sitemap

While Robots.txt instructs search engines which parts of your site to exclude from indexing, a Sitemap tells search engines where you’d like them to go. From a search engine perspective, sitemap is useful for better and faster indexing while a plain HTML sitemap with the use of plugin provides ease of navigation for your visitors.

As such, it is not uncommon to have 2 sitemaps of which one is created for human – your visitors and the other for search engine robots.

  1. For Search Engines – You can create a Google Sitemap online and add your Sitemap to your Google Webmaster account or if you are on WordPress, install Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator which will generate XML-Sitemap supported by most of the search engines.
  2. For Your VisitorsClean Archives Reloaded generate a list of your posts sorted by months for better navigation. To see an example, have a look at my archives page.

13. Site Accessibility

Another fundamental yet often neglected factor that might affect your site ranking is the issue of accessibility. Often your site may be unaccessible due to broken links and wrong use of robots.txt that may cause your pages not indexed by Search Engines.

The solution: Broken Link Checker for WordPress will check and detect both internal and outbound links that don’t work and notifies you on the Dashboard of any broken links.

14. Keywords in First Paragraph

Put simply, search engines scan and expect that your first paragraph will contain the important keywords for the article. Make sure your keywords appear in the first paragraph of your content. If you do notice, in the first paragraph of this article, I place two primary keywords, SEO and blogging as part of my keyword optimization.

15. Keywords in Footer

Well, the first impression and the last impression usually makes the most remembered impression. A simple SEO trick of placing a link to your main page with your keyword as an anchor text could have a positive result in your search engine ranking.

Final Say

SEO is never intended to be a one-time effort. No success can be achieved overnight. It takes a lot of patience, commitment and the know-hows to succeed. All the above tips when applied may not push you into #1 but it will surely bring you one step closer to #1.

The key to SEO success is persuading search engines that your site is relevant in any search query. There are no hard and fast rules to SEO, it all boils down to the right mixture of quality content and quality inbound and outbound links with proper keywords optimization.

Good luck with your SEO. If you have any opinions or feedbacks, send them my way. I’m all ears.

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    • Very true, why do you waste your link for useless date…?

      2 great plugins can help you optimize your blog:
      1. AllinOneSEO
      2. Platinum SEO

      With the power of comment back links, you site will easily rank well for a lot of keywords using the method listed here by Yan!

  1. Yan

    @Shanker Bakshi – Please don’t make any change without proper 301 redirect. Your permalink has to be decided right from the onset. Changing it now may affect your overall site accessibility. I guess you are aware of this, aren’t you pal?

  2. Thanks, I am not much into SEO so plugins that make it easier help. Only problem I am bookmarking wordpress plugins faster than I test them. :)

    I also have “bit” broad theme (software and web) so I am mostly getting search traffic on specific software titles I made posts about.

    Rarst’s last blog post..5 reasons you should use plain text to save your data

  3. Hey Yan
    I really appreciate this post. I learned ALOT of good tips about SEO! I had no idea that there was so much that I didn’t know. I am definitely going to follow your suggestions.

    Talk to you soon

    T Edwards’s last blog post..The 10 Rules Of Business

  4. Make sure to setup your blog correctly so you don’t have to change anything later. Changing small details will cost you SE positions, especially if you change permalinks. Lots of people make that mistake, so it’s better to go through list like this one and do the optimization the right way at start.

    Jamie’s last blog post..Beaded Curtains

  5. Yan

    @Rarst – I hear ya, Rarst. I love plugins too, there were tons of them on my folder before till I learned to separate the need from the unnecessary.

    The fact that you getting already getting the most traffic from SE proves that you are doing the right thing.

    @T Edwards – First thing first, welcome to this friendly neighbourhood. I last saw you on Suite J’s site. Glad that this article is of any help to you.

    If time permits, do drop by again and share what you already know with us.

    @Jamie – Appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. Welcome!

  6. Hey Yan,

    Good post. What I like about it is that you’ve included many of your old post links and that makes it easy to find the information readily in one post. I’ve been more interested in SEO after I wrote my recent 5-part Link Building Strategy Blog series. One of the most interesting change that I personally see in myself is that I have a totally different view of link exchanges. Now I do regular link exchanges on my inside pages with friends and other bloggers. Instead of just asking them if they are interested in such page link exchanges, I check and list their pages url and propose link exchanges with mine also listing the page urls for them to review. Just thought I share it here.

    Peter Lee

  7. Yan, nice post here.

    Thanks for rating my Platinum SEO plugin highly. I would also like to add that one of the features of Platinum SEO is automatic 301 redirects to new urls, in case of permalink changes. This is not available as an option, but is a default feature.Hence many are not aware of it.

    I would also like you to take a look at my Broken links remover plugin for dealing with broken links.

  8. Yan

    @Rajesh – Oh yes, your plugin is definitely one of the most indispensable plugins for SEO. I’m not aware about 301 redirects though but it surely comes as a nice surprise. This is one of those things I dread the most if you know what I mean.

    I’ll checking out the other plugin of yours. Thanks, Ganesh. I’m looking forward to another great plugin from you.

  9. Yan

    @Domain Structure – Glad you found this article useful. You can’t take away SEO out of the success equation of any blog.

    @Sire – Hey, pal. All In One SEO is the predecessor to the new plugin Platinum SEO of which it has more new features i.e. 301 automatic redirects. Are you aware of it?

  10. Yan

    @Work At Home Ideas – First thing first, I almost lost your comment on my spam folder so pardon me for the late reply. The thing is since the day you made your first comment here, yours will always be akismeted and I need to dig into all those spams and pick it up but thing is much better now since you have the gravatar that I could easily recognize. I would suggest that you contact Akismet to de-spam your url from its database.

    Now back to what you have said, coincidentally it’s one of the topic that I’m going to use for my guest post which is now sitting on my draft. It’s the kind ‘natural’ linking we all should practice instead of the usual reciprocal link exchanges.

    Anyway, I don’t email anyone asking for the link exchanges. Usually I’m the giving part so if the receiver reciprocate, it’s a bonus. If not, my readers have already benefited from it. However, when someone links back to me, I will make sure that I’ll do the same in return when the opportunity arises.

  11. Great post.

    Lot of points covered and nice links included.

    I appreciate your efforts in giving us invaluable tips on SEO. I know some of them but not all. It helped me and will strive hard to optimize my blog more.


  12. Yan

    @Nihar – I appreciate the fact that you, being a better blogger, always have the nicest words for me. Thank you. I’m still learning how to achieve that 900 marks on your subscribers list.

    What has worked in your favor the most, if I may ask?

    @Sire – The link is within the post, Sire. All In One SEO is good but Platinum is better in my opinion.

  13. Yan

    @Lucas – Thanks for the stumble, Lucas. Appreciate it. You know what, you seem to be able to read my mind. What I’m going to do is exactly what you are talking about on your latest post.

  14. I’m glad you put the tag first… it’s amazing how many sites don’t take advantage of that website element.

  15. Hi Yan,

    “…Usually I’m the giving part so if the receiver reciprocate, it’s a bonus.”

    It’s good that you are giving more than you received. But as you know in link building I’ve learned that it’s a bad thing to have more outbound links than inbound links. I don’t know of any tool that can tell you your numbers. But I guess you’re confident enough that you will always have more inbound links than outbound links at any given time.

    Peter Lee

    @Yan -

  16. Yan

    @Learn SEO – hey Chris, (I hope I get your name right). Thanks for your visit. I’m glad you are sharing your vast knowledge of SEO with our readers.

    I remember I stumbled upon your site not too long ago and I say I’ve learned a lot from your site. One of them is how to use Sphinn for any SEO-related articles.

  17. On #6, I have to disagree with you somewhat.

    There’s no need to worry about getting low quality inbound links. You will, over time, get links from scrapper sites, questionable blogs and bad neighborhood sites. They’re still anchored links and count for something. Usually not much but something.

    Sure, you want to go out and find ways to get high quality anchored links from authority sites but don’t be paranoid about the occasional scrapper or ‘adult’ bookmarking site that happens to link to one of your posts. That won’t hurt your rankings.

    Frank C’s last blog post..Blaze Media Pro Software Review

  18. Hi, Yan:
    You’re a pretty good writer. Do you freelance? I would love for you to write an article (or two) for me. Send me your rates.

    As for SEO, this is an excellent post. Good tips for all bloggers. Some might say just slap the All IN ONE SEO plugin, and forget about it.

    But there is more to it than that. Marketing Pilgrim wrote a sweet piece on SEO as it relates to titles.

    It covered the 3 different title tags, such as 1.) post title 2.) title tag and 3.) permalink. Up until reading that post, which was last week, i was not hip to all 3. (atleast not by name)

    So always loads to learn, in this fantastic world of blogging. Good job on the article.


  19. Yan

    @Frank C – Hey, Frank. You have your points. A backlink is a still link. The fact is we cannot control who links to us. I’m merely stating that it’s better to have backlinks from reputable sites than non-reputable ones.

    Thank you. I appreciate your input. It has given me a different perspective on the issue.

  20. Yan

    @Missy – Thanks, Missy for your great comment. I’m more than happy to be able to do something for your site. What exactly are looking for? I mean what kind of topic are we talking about as I can’t be possibly be writing something I know nothing of.

    Well, I’m not too sure if I have ever read those articles from Marketing Pilgrim but the name does ring a bell. Anyway, I’ll look for it as SEO has always been my area of interest.

    I’m always open to new ideas, be it SEO or blogging in particular so if there is any interesting articles, send them my way.


  21. Yan

    Originally Posted By Missy
    By the way, what is WP HashCash? I see it on the bottom of every post.

    I use the combo of Akismet and WP Hash to help me filter spammy comments and it has worked more effectively than Akismet alone.

  22. @Yan
    Nope I meant share of my search traffic that’s bigger to specific software titles. Overall my traffic is so far dominated by readers coming from other sites. Some mentions on popular blogs, some blogroll links and lots of my comments around. :)

    I implement SEO tricks I read about one by one but it is going to take time to see effect and build good amount of posts.

    Rarst’s last blog post..5 reasons you should use plain text to save your data

  23. Interesting article! When I read the title of the article, I was thinking – “There are not 15 tips concerning SEO.” After I read the article, I totally agree with you. You really broke it down for beginners.

    Misty Cryer-Davidson’s last blog post..Marketing on the Internet

  24. I was just wondering, does the sitemap plug-in generate sitemaps with unlimited URLs in it? I’ve not really checked it out and would appreciate some feedback about it. I have seen other generators which only give you a sitemap with 500 or 1,000 URLs and I’m not really liking that. I had to buy an unlimited sitemap generator to use for all my sites. ;)

    Lucas’s last blog post..Buying Blog Reviews: Poor Marketing Strategy?

  25. Yan

    @Lucas – Not that I know of but since my blog has less than 100 pages, I worry not about it. One thing is certain though, with the plugin, your page is indexed pretty fast usually within an hour or even less.

  26. Yan

    @Pavan Kumar – Firstly, thanks for reciprocating my visit. Welcome to thoushallblog.com. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

    Now according to Rajesh, the developer, if you are using Platinum SEO, all the 301 redirects will done automatically behind the scene. I haven’t tried out myself as I have came to learn about it not too long ago.

    Hope to see more of you around here, Pavan.

  27. I am new to SEO and am trying to find out as much as I can. Lo and behold, I come across your tips. Thanks a lot, these tips will come in very handy.

  28. Wow, this is great information. I had no idea on the date. That was new to me. I struggle with keywords in headers. Thanks for the reminder.

    Audrey’s last blog post..Brown Rice and Chicken

  29. Yan

    @Justin & @Audrey – Well, we have to start somewhere when it comes to SEO and take it one step at a time. You simply can’t ignore it…

    Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you guys like the article. Here’s a warm welcome to thoushallblog.com.

  30. i’m glad whenever i come across posts like this one, on seo, which really do make an effort to reach out and communicate to newbies like me. for example, your anchor text example makes simple what a lot of other seo sites pretty much assume their readers will already automatically get, but which i had trouble with at first. so thanks for this post.

  31. Yan

    @kouji – Well, this is a blog that helps beginners to blog better. I always make it a point to write it with beginners in mind. I’m glad you love it.

    For more blogging tips for beginners, please don’t forget to subscribe. It’s just a click away.

  32. Yan

    @Wei Liang & @Any – Thanks for the nice compliment and a warm welcome to thoushallblog.com.

    @dimaks – No problem, buddy. How are you?

    @Brad Blogging.com – Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help – Well, this article is not all about how I got myself into #1. A more competitive keyword like “blogging tips” will not get you into #1 or page one in a matter of months. But then “the how” would a subject too complicated for beginners to comprehend, hence it wasn’t discussed here.

    You have your point, Brad and thanks for sharing your thought.

  33. Hi Yan: Very interesting write up. I have been using blogger for my blog and I really have not been much of a fan as far as its ability to allow visitors to navigate through the older posts. Being not much of an IT guy, I have preferred to put in a drop down menu so visitors can easily access older posts. It probably does not do much for SEO but helps visitors. Excellent writing with a breath of fresh air on your part on a much written about topic. Thank you, Sir.

    Raj Krishnaswamy’s last blog post..Thermal Spray Gun Maintenance

  34. Yan

    @Raj Krishnaswamy – I feel ya, Raj. That is why WordPress is far more superior than any other blogging platforms. There aren’t many options you can do SEO-wise to Blogger if you ask me.

    By the way, isn’t ‘the article wonder’ running on WordPress? Am I missing something here?

  35. was doubly impressed when i saw above that you actually actively respond to the comments posted. wasn’t expecting that.

    alright. good posts, active blogger. looks like i’ll be subscribing indeed. :)

    kouji’s last blog post..autumn haiku: drift

  36. Yan

    @kouji – Well, this may not be the best blog but surely it’s the most friendly of all with great community around it.

    Welcome back, pal and hope to see more of you here.

  37. I must confess I have never seen any SEO guide as simple, yet very informative and well explained as this. The best part of this one is that it takes the beginners seriously into consideration (no big assumptions).

    Good job, Jan. I give you a Big 5 for this one.

  38. Yan

    @AZ Blogging – Thanks for such a great compliment, Uncle Zhe. Well, this is a blog that helps beginners to blog – better, hence everything is written with beginners in mind.

    I’m glad you like the article. Stumble it, digg it or whatever you think you can do to promote it. Oh ya, welcome to the WordPress club, you have made the right decision to switch while others fear to go beyond blogspot.

    Good luck, Uncle Zhe and cheers…

  39. Hi Yan,
    How have you been?! Thanks for the comment. Proper list once again from you.

    I had a thought regarding outbound links, dofollow links in comments in particular. There can be many in a Blog obviously and what if several of those sites fade away down the road. They will become dead links then, page not found when a domain is cancelled, that are hard to find in old posts…

    Rado’s last blog post..How Eating Pizza With Your Friends Can…

  40. Hey Yan,

    I am a little confused about Platinum SEO in respect to keyword SEO. When I do a post, I fill out the tags in the WP Tag Field, then I fill out the tags in the Platinum SEO. I think I am doing double work. I also think Platinum SEO covers your keywords even if you don’t fill in either field. What is the best approach?

    Thanks… Lee

  41. Yan

    @EmmaB – For someone who runs multiple blogs, the above SEO tips are just too obvious for you.

    @Rado – Hey, Rado. I’m doing fine here on and off the blog and I wish you the same.

    Now, there are a couple of plugin you can use to check broken/dead link. The one I’m using is “Broken Link Checker” which will detect those nasty links with a nice option to unlink them. So it’s never an issue and thats what the plugin is for.

    Why worry about something that is beyond our control? We should just enjoy the process while we can…

    @Lee Hall – Lee, don’t confuse yourself with the keyword on the Platinum SEO as it will auto-generate the relevant keywords based on your tags.

    The best approach in my case is to leave it empty. I only use it to optimize the title for the search engine. In what I have came to learn is that the keywords within your content have more credibility than those meta keywords which are becoming less important to Google.

    Hope it does make sense to you.

  42. Yan Shall Blog

    @Rado – Well, the tip was mentioned on the article #13, probably you have missed while you were at it.

    Have a good day, Rado. Glad you are back..:-)

  43. Search Engine Optimization has always been a major part of SEM. A great post you’ve made there with some excellent tips on SEOing a website. Use of SE friendly URL is a good thing.

    At the same time, we have to take care of things like over-stuffing as well.

  44. Sorry Yan I missed the #13. Glad to find out, thanks that you pointed it out, about the plugin so there’re no worries about the dead links anymore. I must have missed it cause concentrating more on the sitemap. I need to get the commercial version of the http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ due to my site has 1.4K+ static non-WP pages whilst their free online tool processes of up to 500 pages only. I tried it though and I was happy with the result (however just a third of my site got done as per the limit applied.) Never mind I will buy this php program tomorrow, install it and finally create the complete sitemap. Yesterday I played with the wordpress plugin “Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress”. Just fulfilling another one of all the SEO Tips. Cheers

  45. Yan Shall Blog

    @Rado – Wait a minute! You don’t need to purchase the commercial version now that you use Sitemap XML generator for WordPress. All you need to do is to add that sitemap.xml into your webmaster account and you are good to go.

    Here’s another fact, according to the Google Sitemap FAQ, your sitemap can contain up to 50,000 URLs or reach a file size of 10MB (uncompressed!).

    So keep the money and buy me a coffee when I’m in your area one day.


  46. I currently have WordPress Stats plugin. I suspect there are better stat plugins to use. Have any suggestions?

  47. Yan Shall Blog

    @Lee Hall – Hey, Lee..I’m not too sure if there is any plugin better than StatPress which collects info about visitors, search keywords, referral, spiders and more. Personally, that’s what I would recommend…

    Give it a try and let me know what you think..

  48. Yan Shall Blog

    @Wong KW – A warm welcome and thank you for your compliment. I just came over from your blog and I think you should do yourself a favor to change your permanent link (no /?p=63 or something) for better SEO before it’s too late to do so. I’ll assure you that you’ll get even more clicks by doing so.

  49. Yan,
    I definitely keep on my site the sitemap.xml file generated by the Sitemap XML generator for WordPress plugin in my top directory/root. However as far as I can see it at this time, with this plugin I can create the site map only for my wordpress Blog section. It does allow option to include non wordpress pages in the sitemap but these must be manually added in one by one at the plugin’s setting options page end. For a test I tried to place in there 3 non-wp pages and they were included fine. I can’t imagine to place in manually all the rest of my static pages, it would be equal to making the site map file manually. I need to automate it, by investing 20 bucks for the program. Then I will need to have 2 files, one made with the commercial software and second created with the Sitemap XML generator for WordPress plugin. Unless I misunderstood somethings that you suggested in your comment above???

    I wonder if the global sitemap helps me with PR in any way or to index more pages…

    BTW I would have a suggestion for you about a quite important subject for an article to write. I believe only you could research it and put it in writing in your blog for it’s presented out properly. The subject has been a large dilemma for the already busy or new Bloggers as well as many webmasters’ importance for a while. Let me know where to let you know this info.

  50. Emz

    I’m so glad to see you think Meta Keywords and Description are important.

    There are so many other “SEO” blogs out there that think these are useless and try to encourage their readers not to use them.

    Even if they’re not as useful as they once were, they will always be important when it comes to SEO.

    Emz’s last blog post..Upgrading WordPress Plugin

  51. Yan Shall Blog

    @Rado – “For a test I tried to place in there 3 non-wp pages and they were included fine….”

    Why don’t you transfer everything into WP pages? Why do you choose to run two platforms when you can have the best of both worlds? That way, you can rely on one sitemap for all your indexation.

    Logically speaking, one is better than two in this case. I could be wrong but don’t you think the SE need an extra pairs of hand to crawl both sitemaps?

    @Emz – That’s right! Contrary to popular belief, I still think the two tags should be optimized too for better SEO.

  52. Yan,
    You are absolutely right there; I’d been contemplating to gradually copy all my non-wp pages into the wordpress system. That’ll help with future design layout changes and in more deeper aspects, plus having the lot in one MySQL. I need plan for this because it’s 1400 pages to copy and to permanently redirect. Big job for one week. So at this stage I am focusing mainly on the next PR update, short term.

    Rado’s last blog post..Will the experiment create black holes and the end of Earth?

  53. Yan Shall Blog

    @Rado – Yup, a makeover is well-deserved to give it a more web 2.0 look if you know what I mean. Good luck, buddy..

  54. All good tips and I do try to follow most of them. I have found that on many an occasion I would like to use more keywords in the title but the only problem is that the title becomes nonsensical.

  55. Thanks for this article, there are numerous running around – but few so clearly laid out and easy to understand for those of us kinda new in this game.

  56. Yan Shall Blog

    @Chizmosa – Hi, appreciate your kind words and hope to see more of you around here and join our discussion.

    @selcuk – Welcome to thoushallblog.com..

  57. Those are some solid seo advice though meta tags are pretty useless these days. I’d like to add one more that’s especially important for wordpress users, and that is to post only in one categories! Submitting to multiple categories causes duplicate content.

    Andre Thomas’s last blog post..Adding Depth To Your Content

  58. SEO is never intended to be a one-time effort. No success can be achieved overnight. It takes a lot of patience, commitment and the know-hows to succeed.

    Yan I really love that statement ..Few people are really curious abt the results once they used the tips ..But U final statement says Whts that ...

    I really appreciate u for a amazing post ...

    Good luck For Beginners

    • Yan

      Hey Matt

      Thanks for the great compliment and I really appreciate it. Good luck to your SEO too..


  59. Very useful post I must say. Plenty of good SEO tips there. I just wanted to stress that good keyword anchored backlinks are by far the most important thing in terms of SEO. I have been at this for a long time and good backlinks easily outweigh everything else. The other small things are important though because will all other things being equal those will help you overtake another site in the SERP rankings.

    Jesse lastest post..RCA DTA800B1 Analog Digital TV Converter Box Review, Rating, and Comparison

    • Yan

      Hi Jesse

      Thank you for input and I simply agree with you on the important of using the right keywords in your inbound links, however it’s not always easy to control what keywords the linker should use, especially in the case of one-way link.


  60. Rod

    Yan, whether or not to include the date in URLs is something I’m mildly conflicted about. My personal preference is to not include them, as it helps articles be more timeless. But the benefit of using the date is you can use URL channels in Google Analytics to be able to narrow down where the action is on your site, and use that feedback to improve.
    Like I said, I haven’t fully made up my mind yet, but I can see there are arguments for both sides.

    Rod´s lastest post..AdWords competition update

    • Yan

      Hey Rod

      I understand your point but when you are down with both choices, just listen to what Matt (who works for Google) has recommended in his SEO tips.

      No one knows Google better than him..


  61. I liked the tips and have a question regarding DMOZ listing, do you have any idea regarding how much time it take till my submission being approved there?

    • Yan

      Hi Hicham

      The wait can be as long as 6 months or more and still it doesn’t guarantee an inclusion. Well, you can try to submit but keep your expectation low. Most probably, it’s not going to happen. You really need a good amount of credibility and inside connection.

      Hope that answer your question. Thanks for dropping by and look forward to seeing you again.


  62. I am so glad that I came across this article on Blog Engage.

    It is so helpful. My blog just got a rank of 2, it has been a lot of hard work, building it from scratch, and learning seo and html stuff, started off on blogspot, didn’t like the choices there, so moved into it’s own domain and built my vision.. the new domain is 3 months old now. (tho old blogspot got a 3 rank and I haven’t touched it for 3 months…sigh!)

    I am gaining a lot of knowledge and keep plugging away, and it is good to read posts like this one, because it encourages me to keep working on it.

    I have applied about a month and half ago for Dmoz and still haven’t heard anything, but one can hope.

    Meanwhile I am still working on my blog, changing things and gathering “how to” knowledge.

    Thanks for taking the time to write these important tips down and sending it out for us bloggers who want to be “in the know”!


    K. Fields´s lastest post..Arcticulates: Cook Moose Stew!

    • Yan

      Hi K. Fields

      Welcome to thoushallblog.com. It’s nice of you to give such a great compliment and I’m glad you find those tips useful.

      I just came back from your site and I did notice that you are not using WordPress to manage your site. Is there any reason why you are not using it? From SEO standpoint, the structure of your site doesn’t seem to go well with the search engines.

      I’m sorry I just thought I should inform you. Let me know if you need any help or whatsoever. Just in case you aren’t already know, this is one of the most friendliest blog on the planet.

      Looking forward to seeing you again, K. Oh I miss the alaska king crab….


  63. Cat

    Thanks for an interesting list, do you have any suggestions in how to get your websites into DMOZ? As you alluded too, getting listed in DMOZ is near impossible especially for a beginner such as myself.

  64. Great stuff once again, Yan. The only problem I have right now is with my footer, which, it seems, was totally encrypted, and I don’t know how to break it. So, it’s drawing visitors looking for the wrong things. I’m going to have to figure this one out one way or another at some point.

    Mitch´s lastest post..Credibility, Article Writing, And Marketing Products

    • Yan


      Do want to be more specific as I’m quiet clueless on what you are trying to tell me here…


        • Yan

          Oh, it’s pretty common if you are using a free theme but I checked your source code and found nothing on your footer.

          Am I missing something?

        • Yes and no; how’s that for an answer? lol It was there, but last night someone gave me a recommendation for how to crack the encryption in my footer, so I tried it out and it worked! So, I made the changes I wanted to make, and it’s no longer a problem; whew! I tell you, there’s some very smart and helpful people on the internet.

          Mitch´s lastest post..Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Reality Check’

  65. Hi! Great informative post! I guess I still have a lot to learn. Is there anything more basic than this?

    I’ll check back often to learn a lot more stuff! The A-Z is really helpful. Thank you so much for sharing!

    chris´s lastest post..How they do burgers in other places.

    • Yan

      Hey Chatree

      Yeah, you can’t ignore the use of Robot.txt in your SEO effort. It’s part and parcel of it.

      Anyway, welcome to the community. If I may ask, how did you get to know this blog?


  66. Well, this is a really great SEO outline for bloggers. I think a lot of people put much energy into the SEO of their website but forget about SEO for their blog (I did initially).

    I never knew about the PLatinum SEO plugin to optomize the title tag, but I will be checking it out.

    I also never knew that if you have keywords in your keywords metatag that are not on your site (or blog) that you can get penalized. I guess that makes sense. Thanks for that information.

    Finally, your suggestion of doing an internal link to an old blog post is brilliant. I had never thought of that one before.

  67. Hi Yan
    Thanks for the great tips. I never really thought much about anchor text before, and yes I have used “click here”. Not from now on though.
    Have to agree about image text, I think many people forget search engines cannot see a picture and therefore it does not tell a 1000 words.

  68. hi yan,
    I really appreciate this post. I learned a lot of good tips about SEO. I had no idea about seo..But by reading this article i am confident about it. I am definitely going to follow your suggestions.Thank you for posting this article.

    seosoeasy´s lastest post..SEO Meta Tag Optimization Tips & Tricks

  69. Yan –
    Thanks so much for the info! This post has been indespensible for me as a brand new blogger who has (alarmingly) made most of the mistakes your tips would have prevented me from making. Live and learn, I guess. Now I get to fix everything and continue on my merry way with you at the top of my RSS feed…

    emma james´s lastest post..Loving Airport Anonymity

    • Yan

      Indeed, “We live and we learn” – from one another. Thanks for all the great compliment, Emma. If there is anything I can be of help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    • Yan


      Thanks for dropping by and welcome to community. Glad these tips can be of any help to your SEO efforts. All the best, Michael.


    • Yan


      Well, the last place to have your keywords would be in the footer. Logically speaking, it’d be the last thing search engine robots see before it leaves your site. So it makes sense to leave a good last impression, doesn’t it?


  70. Awesome post, now the race is not for google ranks but top commentator ranks lol

    I’m in, lets see how much and how fast this trick helps.

    Bodybuilding Gal.

  71. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  72. very good advice, very useful for any blogger, , the new people in blogger´s world dont known a lot of these things, for example.. a year ago I did not know that was pagerank!

  73. thank you already visited my blog.
    I would like to ask you yan?
    how can I win the fight in the seo contest?
    because in my country now on going seo contest for the “keyword kampanye damai pemilu indonesia 2009″.
    can you help me yan?
    sorry my english is not good yan.

    • Yan

      No problem about the language, Syafur. I’m too an Indonesian but I hardly speak and write in my own language.

      Anyway, the very first thing you should do is to use “keyword kampanye damai pemilu indonesia 2009″ instead of “syafur” whenever you comment on blogs. Keep in mind that some blog owners will not allow you to do so.

      It’s also important to note that unless it’s a dofollow blog, your link will not be counted as backlink and all your efforts will be futile.

      And I assume you know how to find dofollow blogs to begin with. Otherwise, google it.

      Lastly, follow the above 15 SEO tips.

      Let me know if you need anything else….


  74. Nice post …..
    Thanks for the lovely tip…
    These tips helped me to crosscheck that whatever I’m dng till now is Good for my website SEO :)

  75. The tip about the dates in the url is one i’ve heard again but never thought it was that important…I might take a look at it more closely now.i will do some tests with it…

    On the other side i will have to disagree with you abut Dmoz…It might have a strong pagerank but there is lots of trash at Dmoz as well and i would not like to have a backlink from suspicious places.After all Google removed Dmoz and yahoo directory from their webmaster guidelines.Anyway Dmoz might still be worthy submitting if you can dela with their “fair” editors rofl.I prefer botw :)


    geobak´s lastest post..Τα καλύτερα SEO plugins για το WordPress

  76. Wow – thanks for the tips. I am pleased by how much I already knew – yet I do have a lot of “click here” links throughout our posts. Is it worthwhile for me to go back and clean them up?

    also – our site is a collection of a number of different topics. We have one long tail keyword which we rank very high on – does it now make sense to do some work to bring some of the other key topics up as well? Do you have a post or any tips on finding the best keywords to work with?

    Thanks again for the info – much appreciated

    In Joy

    Cyndi´s lastest post..A Boat Called Freedom

  77. really interesting and well written article.

    This is gold dust for people starting out in the SEO industry.

  78. This post is something very valuable for brand new bloggers. These seo tips are sure to get us newbies going.

  79. Good advice for someone just starting out with SEO.

    I would add two more things:

    Link Building – good link building, not just through directories, is a great way to promote a site. Don’t waste time with bad links

    Content is King – the more better written content you have, the more links you’ll get.

  80. hello yan, thanks for this tips. its great so much. my i use it to write i malay to share in my blog?